First Big Defeat for Donald Trump as Michael Flynn Exits, by Alexander Mercouris

Leaders need people who support them and their agenda through thick and thin. Michael Flynn had his flaws, but he was one such person for President Trump, and the mock horror over his conversation with a Russia diplomat is a farce. If he violated the Logan Act, so too did Barack Obama, who had extensive discussions with a variety of foreign leaders as a candidate in July, 2008. From Alexander Mercouris at The Duran via

The scandal that has ousted General Michael Flynn from the post of National Security Adviser is absurd and concocted. Though there were probably other reasons for his going – including his apparently poor performance in the post of National Security Adviser – his resignation is nonetheless a heavy blow for President Trump.

General Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Adviser is by far the biggest blow President Trump has suffered since his inauguration.

As I have written previously, this is a completely concocted scandal. The most General Flynn is accused of is telling Russian ambassador Kislyak that Russia should not overreact to the sanctions President Obama imposed on Russia during the height of the Clinton leaks hysteria in December. Even the ‘anonymous officials’ who claim to have seen the transcript of the tapes of his conversations with Kislyak admit that he did not tell Kislyak that President Trump would cancel the sanctions. Instead, all Flynn did was a call for was restraint.

I cannot see how this could possibly have threatened US national security. Nor do I see how – just three weeks before Donald Trump’s inauguration – it could be considered to be ‘undermining’ President Obama’s foreign policy, which Donald Trump was publicly criticizing anyway.

It seems that back in January that was also the FBI’s view and that it was reporting that after checking the transcripts of Flynn’s telephone conversations with Kislyak, that it could find nothing illicit in them. That is obviously right, and in any sane world that would have been the end of the whole affair.

Yet on the strength of these calls, Sally Yates as Acting Attorney General apparently advised the White House that General Flynn might have committed an offense under the Logan Act and initiated an FBI investigation of General Flynn’s actions, saying he might have opened himself up to blackmail by the Russian government.

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