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Geofence Surveillance: First, They Spied on Protesters. Then Churches. You’re Next, by John and Nisha Whitehead

Most of all, they want to know where you are. It makes it easier to accuse you of something. From John and Nisha Whitehead at

“I know the capability that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.”—Senator Frank Church on Meet The Press, 1975

If you give the government an inch, it will always take a mile.

This is how the slippery slope to all-out persecution starts.

Martin Niemöller’s warning about the widening net that ensnares us all, a warning issued in response to the threat posed by Nazi Germany’s fascist regime, still applies.

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

This particular slippery slope has to do with the government’s use of geofence technology, which uses cell phone location data to identify people who are in a particular area at any given time.

First, police began using geofence warrants to carry out dragnet sweeps of individuals near a crime scene.

Then the FBI used geofence warrants to identify individuals who were in the vicinity of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

It wasn’t long before government officials in California used cell phone and geofence data to track the number and movements of churchgoers on church grounds during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

If we’ve already reached the point where people praying and gathering on church grounds merits this level of government scrutiny and sanctions, we’re not too far from free-falling into a total surveillance state.

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People Behind Biden Announce Creation of Formal National Surveillance State, Yet No One Seems Bothered, by Sundance

They’re going to take away your freedom to make you safe, and you should be damn happy about it. From Sundance at

On March 2, 2023, the people in control of the Joe Biden administration officially announced that government control of internet content was now officially a part of the national security apparatus. [White House Link] If you have followed the history of how the Fourth Branch of Government has been created, you will immediately recognize the intent of this new framework.

The “National Cybersecurity Strategy” aligns with, supports, and works in concert with a total U.S. surveillance system, where definitions of information are then applied to “cybersecurity” and communication vectors.  This policy is both a surveillance system and an information filtration prism where the government will decide what is information, disinformation, misinformation and malinformation, then act upon it.

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Anatomy of a Cover-up: The January 6 Tapes, by Julie Kelly

Let’s just see what 41,000 hours of videotape reveal. From Julie Kelly at

Like all good political scandals, the path to the truth begins with the tapes.

Tucker Carlson now has the equivalent of nearly five years of surveillance footage captured by U.S. Capitol Police security cameras on January 6, 2021. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) turned over the tapes to the Fox News host  earlier this month, according to Axios. Carlson’s producers and researchers are already distilling the footage; the first round of clips is expected to air in a few weeks.

While some grumble that McCarthy did not fulfill his promise to publicly release the footage—arguably a valid complaint—Carlson’s team undoubtedly will give the massive trove much-needed context and maximum impact. Carlson released a three-part documentary, “Patriot Purge,” in November 2021 that explained how the events of January 6 helped launch a second “war on terror” against American citizens out of step with the Biden regime.

Since early 2021, Carlson has used his nightly show to expose the cruel treatment of Trump supporters suffering pretrial detention orders; raised questions about the use of undercover assets including FBI informants and the mysterious role of Ray Epps; asked why the case of the January 5 “pipe bomber” remains unsolved; and demanded the release of the surveillance video as late as last month.

Releasing the video never should have been a political fight; after all, the footage was recorded on a taxpayer-paid closed circuit television system installed on public property to monitor public employees. Contrary to arguments by Capitol Police and the Justice Department, the video belongs to the public, not federal agencies.

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Financial Harakiri, by Joel Bowman and Bill Bonnor

Joel Bowman and Bill Bonnor take on the world’s idiots and their idiocies. Unfortunately they can’t address them all, but they do a pretty good of shredding the ones they confront. From Bowman and Bonnor at

Plus money caves, egg donors, peak humanity, mass suicide and assorted other bunk and baloney…

Bill Bonner, reckoning today from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

Our first stop in Buenos Aires was a “cave.” We needed the local money.

You can change your money in a bank and get 190 pesos per dollar.  Or, you go into a shop that pretends to be a real estate agent…or an electronics store…and you get 372 pesos per dollar

You go up to the shop. The door is locked. You ring the buzzer…and the door opens. A handsome young man, tattooed and swarthy, sits behind a glass divider.  You tell him how much money you want to change. He quotes a rate. You accept.  And then, come the piles of cash.

The largest note he has is a 1,000 peso bill. So, if you are changing 500 US dollars, you end up with 186 pieces of paper. The whole transaction is so fast and easy, you have a hard time keeping up with the math. But you are soon walking out of the shop with your pockets stuffed with cash, trying to look inconspicuous.  

Meanwhile, we turn back to the news…

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Under Cover of Covid, the U.S. is Moving Toward Becoming a China-Like Checkpoint Nation, by Linda Bonvie

You are being watched, constantly and ceaselessly. This data is what the government will use to strip you of whatever remains of your rights. From Linda Bonvie at

While major media have covered the Orwellian advance of facial recognition technology for years, our reporter found little resistance and wide advocacy among major governments, including the United States, for global control based on vaccine passports with facial recognition.

What does China’s President Xi Jinping have in common with President Biden when it comes to covid and “future pandemics?”

Nothing less than embracing a “global digital health network” that includes “digital solutions” to validate “proof of vaccinations” and further promote “digital COVID-19 certificates.”

In other words, a universal vaccine passport.

The eye-opening admission that the U.S. unanimously agrees with not only Australia, but Russia and China, along with sixteen other major world powers, that proof of vaccination to allow “seamless international travel” should be collected in a shared database was officially noted in paragraph 23 of the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration following the conclusion of the G20 summit held this past November in Indonesia.  

In fact, the latter country’s Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, simply couldn’t wait to talk about this development. In a conference held before the meeting, which reflected a consensus of those who attended, he stated, “Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly then you can move around.”

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The Federal Government Is Tracking the Unvaccinated, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you are on this website you are probably on a list, and if you are unvaccinated you are probably on another one. Just one more reason to fight against social credit systems, because people on lists will come up losers. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at

Video Link

Story at-a-glance

  • The U.S. government has secretly been tracking those who didn’t get the COVID jab, or are only partially jabbed, through a previously unknown surveillance program designed by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • The program was implemented April 1, 2022, and adopted by most medical clinics and hospitals across the U.S. until January 2023
  • Under this program, doctors at clinics and hospitals have been instructed to ask patients about their vaccination status, which is then added to their electronic medical records as a diagnostic code, known as ICD-10 code, so that they can be tracked inside and outside of the medical system
  • These new ICD-10 codes are part of the government’s plan to implement medical tyranny using vaccine passports and digital IDs
  • They’re also tracking noncompliance with all other recommended vaccines using new ICD-10 codes, and have implemented codes to describe WHY you didn’t get a recommended vaccine. They’ve also added a billable ICD code for “vaccine safety counseling”

As recently discovered and reported by Dr. Robert Malone,1 the U.S. government has secretly been tracking those who didn’t get the COVID jab, or are only partially jabbed, through a previously unknown surveillance program designed by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Flagged to FBI, by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

The FBI’s not tracking crime, it’s tracking dissent. From 2nd Smartest Guy in the World at

The FBI is an unconstitutional agency of the illegitimate Federal government that along with the CIA serves of America’s anti-freedom Gestapo: they are the most dangerous “domestic terrorists.”

The USSA Gestapo (i.e FBI and CIA) are projecting their heinous crimes against We the People by labelling anyone opposed to their felonious operations as “domestic terrorists.” The FBI and in particular the CIA were not just instrumental in developing the entire PSYOP-19 “pandemic” and the associated slow kill bioweapon injections, they are currently using these mass induced fear programs as some of their primary litmus tests for Statist compliance.

These criminal agencies do not only not protect America, they are actively threatening and enacting violence upon the population for any and all deviations from State programming and propaganda. The pointed focus on teachers is due to the fact that most educators in America, especially in communist states like New York, tend to be extreme far left, and as such always demanding ever increasing budgets (i.e. more property taxation or why you do not own your home in America and are nothing but food for the corp-state plantation); therefore, no ideological pushback may be allowed at this critical indoctrination level since the school system is a vital dumbing down mill that ensures that its products are pumped full of State disinformation. Graduating students not only never know the law of the land, nor their rights, but have been brainwashed in reality inversion, thus ensuring lifelong ideological slavery via all kinds of social engineering miseducations: from taxes to vaxxes, and everything in-between.

by Michael Kane

On February 8, 2023, while arguing on behalf of fired NYC workers who declined covid vaccination, attorney John Bursch stated in open court that unvaccinated teachers in New York City were flagged with problem codes in their personnel files, and when that occurred “their fingerprints are sent with that flag to the FBI and the New York Criminal Justice Services.”

You can listen to Bursch make this statement at the 5:30 mark of the audio recording of the court proceeding.

The source of this information is Betsy Combier, who wrote an affidavit (see .pdf below) in the Kane v. de Blasio case where she stated unvaccinated teachers were given a “problem code” label that was “then sent to the national databases at both the Federal Bureau of Investigation” (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

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The Chinese ‘Spy Balloon’ Story As Manufactured Crisis: An Alternative Reading, by Tyler Durden

SLL is finding it hard to work up much excitement one way or the other about this application of a decidedly legacy technology. Here’s an article that seems to make sense. From Tyler Durden at

Previous constant headlines of the Ukraine-Russia war were put on pause Friday into Saturday as the American public’s attention and discourse got temporarily consumed by the bizarre Chinese ‘spy balloon’ saga, which grew more dramatic by the hour until it was shot down by the Pentagon over the Atlantic Ocean.

But few are currently asking the necessary deeper questions related to the timing. Given the last major balloon crisis to take over 24/7 network news coverage ended up being a complete hoax (remember the “balloon boy” stunt of 2009 which had the world breathless and on edge for a full news cycle?), the current context to the Chinese balloon story and the question of cui bono is worth a deeper dive

Images: The Billings Gazette/AP

Entrepreneur and geopolitical commentator Arnaud Bertrand, who as a Westerner has spent many years living in China and frequently attempts to correct the often misleading analysis of mainstream press reports, offers an ‘alternative view’ of what’s fast unfolding below [emphasis ZH’s)…

* * *

“I took a bit of time to dissect the “spy balloon” story – both how it is portrayed in the US and China’s response,” Bertrand begins a lengthy thread. As you’ll see, the more you think about it, the more stunned you get at the sheer absurdity of the whole thing.”

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Was Martin Luther King a Russian Red? By Jacob G. Hornberger

A jury took only an hour to decide that federal officials conspired to kill Martin Luther King. That’s one of those facts you don’t hear much about. From Jacob G. Hornberger at

Today, federal officials stumble over themselves to show how much they revere Martin Luther King. They’ve even created a federal holiday to honor him.

Not so back when King was alive, however. During that time, U.S. officials were convinced that King was a Red, and they were also convinced that the Reds, especially the Russian Reds, were coming to get us.

Do you remember the movie The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!? The title of that movie captures perfectly the mindset that the U.S. national-security establishment had inculcated in the American people. Everyone was convinced that the commies were everywhere and that they were going to take over the federal government and teach communism in America’s socialist public-school system.

The Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI were also convinced that the civil-rights movement was a communist front, one that was preparing the ground for a Russian invasion of the United States. The leaders of the civil-rights movement, especially King, were considered to be covert, unregistered agents of the Russian Reds.

In 1999, King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, filed a lawsuit in Memphis against a man named Loyd Jowers and “other unknown co-conspirators,” in which she alleged that the official story of King’s assassination in 1968 was false. According to Wikipedia, King’s attorney, William Pepper, presented 70 witnesses and thousands of documents. After only one hour of deliberations, the jury reached a unanimous verdict finding that federal officials conspired to assassinate King.

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How Local Cops Get Your Bank Records, by Andrew Napolitano

It’s hard to keep up with all the ways all levels of government are shredding the Fourth Amendment. From Andrew Napolitano at

This column has recently outlined the specious arguments offered by the feds when they have been caught spying on ordinary Americans. They argue that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution — which requires a search warrant prior to spying — only applies to law enforcement and not to domestic surveillance. This argument not only defies the plain language of the amendment; it defies history and common sense.

The language of the amendment protects the privacy of all “people” by affirmatively declaring that the right to privacy in “persons, houses, papers, and effects” may only be violated by the government by the use of a search warrant, signed by a judge, based on probable cause of crime, and which specifically describes the place to be searched or the person or thing to be seized.

The language of the amendment, and the language of statutes and court rules written at the state and federal levels to implement the procedures for seeking search warrants, makes no distinction on the nature of what the government seeks — evidence of crime or evidence of foreign interests.

Stated differently, a fair and neutral reading of the amendment makes it clear that the probable cause and specificity requirements were intended not only to protect privacy from Big Brother but also to compel the government to focus on crimes after they occur and not on predicting them.

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