The Anti-Trump Coup: Interview With a Non-Partisan, by Michael S. Rozeff

This is a pretty good history, so far, of the continuing effort by the Deep State and its allies to depose President Trump. From Michael S. Rozeff at

Q. What is a non-partisan?

A. Someone who is not committed to any political party. The non-partisan in theory can observe political events neutrally, whereas a partisan tends to view matters from a particular perspective.

Q. Did you vote in the last American election.

A. No, I did not. I didn’t contribute to any political party and I received no money from any political party.

Q. Is a coup d’état occurring in Washington, D.C. at this time?

A. Yes, a coup is being attempted. It is a non-traditional coup. There are no troops or armed masses converging on the White House with the aim of forcing Trump to resign and flee, at least not at this time. There has been no assassination or attempted assassination. There is no blood on the streets shed in an effort to remove Trump from office. It has been called a soft coup or a low-level coup. These adjectives are not important. What’s important is that there has been an ongoing effort to discredit Trump, the ultimate objective being his removal from office, and Trump has not squashed this effort.

Q. Will the coup succeed in removing Trump from office?

A. Not in its present form. It is currently destined to fail because the investigating agencies and enemies of Trump haven’t found a smoking gun against him on the basis of Russian ties or influence. No one can prove that Trump is being controlled by Putin, and so he won’t resign for that reason. The coup will peter out unless it comes up with new and more explosive anti-Trump material that’s not obviously specious or doubtful as much of the current material is. Furthermore, Trump hasn’t yet counterattacked and he has plenty of ammunition.

To continue reading: The Anti-Trump Coup: Interview With a Non-Partisan



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