Women Go Viral After Closing Their Accounts at Nordstrom in Support of Ivanka Trump, by Elise Sole

Nordstrom’s may or may not have caved to political pressure when it terminated Ivanka Trump merchandise in its store, but a group of women decided to exercise one of the few freedoms left in America: the right not to patronize a business. Oh, wait a minute, if you choose not to patronize medical insurance providers, under Obamacare you can be fined by the IRS. Well, scratch that freedom, but at least Obamacare doesn’t extend to retail department stores. From Elise Solé at yahoo.com (we’re surprised this was published by Yahoo):

Over the past few weeks, multiple brands have dropped the Ivanka Trump label in protest of her father’s policies. Yet, as most clearly evidenced by a video shared by Laurie Ray on Facebook, the first daughter still has her supporters.

Ray, along with Sara Salazar Williams, Jeannie Petersen Guthrie, Natalie Poulsen Germaine, Krysta Noel Price, and Amy Llewelyn, recently went to Nordstrom to cancel their accounts with the company. “Dumped #Nordstrom today for Dumping Ivanka! This is how it went down… #byenordstrom #buyivanka,” reads the caption of the video, which has received 1.2 million views and nearly 18,000 shares since it was posted Wednesday.

The group, wearing matching T-shirts with a black-and-white photo of President Trump and “Haters Gonna Hate” on it, visited a Nordstrom store in Chandler, Ariz., and filmed their experience canceling their accounts with the department store. “Because they caved, no money for Nordstrom,” one of the women said. “Headed to Dillard’s to buy all kinds of stuff,” another said.

“I was actually a former employee for a number of years and I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom’s for 30 years, and because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump, I will no longer shop at your store, nor will my husband or our nine children or our eight grandchildren,” Ray was captured saying to customer service.

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