President Trump Needs To Keep His Promises No Matter How Hard The Haters Squeal, by Kurt Schlichter

It will be hard, after his address to Congress, for his enemies to characterize President Trump as a buffoon. In point of fact, the Russian story they’re peddling has its buffoonish aspects. Now Trump has to keep his promises. From Kurt Schlichter on a guest post at

This much is clear – if President Trump (Oh, how I love the sweet agony just uttering those syllables causes annoying people) fails to keep his word, he’s toast. And he should be – we’ve spent decades being lied to, bamboozled, and swindled by both fork-tongued liberals and fake “conservatives.” There’s no more slack to give; we’re done with leeway and wiggle room. The president has two choices: Keep his promises, or fail disastrously. And it looks like he’s going with the former and winning.

Your joint address killed, Mr. President. By coming in there cool, collected, and competent, you reset the chessboard. Pelosi looked like she was going to plotz; the GOP now has tons of footage of white-clad Dems – sans the distinctive hoods of their party forefathers – refusing to applaud for jobs, for cops, for putting Americans ahead of foreigners, and for our troops and Gold Star families. See ya in 2018, suckers.

The Democrats and the GOP squishboyz desperately wanted to oppose a buffoon. Tuesday night, they found that instead they are opposing a president.

America is behind your plan. Even your opposition knows it; the Dem pain was compounded when they let their response be delivered by that guy from Heaven’s Gate. Can you imagine the Crown Royal-fueled tirade in Chateau Hillary? Can’t you just see Bill Kristol the next morning, unshaven and in his bathrobe, wandering through his mansion muttering about how he still prefers rule by the Deep State?

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