Morons, by Robert Gore

Democrats may want to reconsider their embrace of the moronic.

There is no greater earthly pleasure than seeing people who pose as intellectually superior revealed as morons. Hillary Clinton was wretched, but Democrats have bought off half the electorate; there was no way they should have lost to a man who had never held office. Her defeat was a glorious culmination of delirious delusion that connoisseurs of the moronic will forever cherish. Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” When you don’t know at whom the audience is laughing , it’s you. Last week, Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, a book of 266 blank pages, was number one on Amazon’s bestseller list (a few notches above Prime Deceit). Still, the donkeys don’t get the joke.

They have hitched their wagons to a galaxy of falling stars—in their infatuation with Hollywood, literally as well as figuratively. Once upon a time Tinsel Town was glamorous, but familiarity borne of celebrity overexposure has bred contempt. Except for their groupies, the Oscar red carpet set just doesn’t generate as much excitement as it used to. Hollywood is beset by challenges, including labor costs, the Internet, new competitors Netflix and Amazon, declining attendance, and over reliance on comic book franchises. It doesn’t take much of a literary bent to see the Best Picture snafu as a metaphor.




It takes beyond Best Actor or Actress acting to hector “ordinary” people for their benighted ignorance while convincing them of your deep concern for their welfare. The ordinaries aren’t stupid, but the Democrats have gone all in on hectoring, insincere celebrities. Stars write campaign checks. “Public service” ads featuring Hollywood luminaries warning of Trump disaster helped more than hurt him. Thirty million is a big US audience for a Hollywood blockbuster; 32.9 million watched part or all of this year’s Academy Awards. A much smaller group consistently follow the stars (People magazine’s circulation, a good proxy, is around 3.5 million). Anywhere from 50 to 150 million Americans ignore or despise Hollywood. If they had any humility, which they don’t, contemplation of that imbalance would humble stars and their codependent Democrats.

The Dems have hitched their wagons double-tight to other falling stars that have already blazed their brightest: the mainstream media (MSM), the intelligence community, and academia. Just like Hollywood, the MSM’s stock in trade is make-believe, and just like Hollywood the MSM’s numbers are dwindling. It shed even the pretense of impartiality this last election, destroying what was left of its credibility while pontificating on “fake news.”

“You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ’em.” So crooned Kenny Rogers, and its usually a good idea to fold a few hands or step away from the table after a big loss. The moronic play is to bet heavily the next hand, regardless of the cards, and try to get it all back at once. Having lost big with Trump’s victory, the Democrats, their captive media, and the gang that couldn’t spy straight were well-advised to sit it out for a while. Instead, they doubled down with the equivalent of eight-high showing, nothing in the hole—the concocted Russian story and attempted coup.

With Wikileak’s release of Vault 7, and the promise of much more to come, Trump’s raking in yet another big pot (see “Plot Holes” and “Trump and Vault 7”). If the guy across the table’s stack keeps growing, and you’re reaching for your wallet, reconsider your dismissive evaluation of him and realize that perhaps you’re not as sharp as you think. Unfortunately for morons, they don’t do reconsideration and self-evaluation. The coup plotters had a weak hand they played poorly. Fortunately for them, unfortunately for the rest of us, they’re in the United States and will live to plot again. In most of the rest of our unfree world, they’d be lined up and shot.

In academia, slogan-spouting, mental-midget professors sing the praises of government—which pays their salaries—and shout “academic freedom” at anyone challenging either their funding or nonsense. Students ban challengers or knock them senseless as the faculty and administration look away. So much for academic freedom. Parents take out second mortgages and students take on six-figure student loans to be herded through politically correct curriculums that leave them intellectually stunted, prepared only for careers as baristas, Uber hacks, paid protestors, gender-neutral bathroom attendants, or social justice forum moderators. The code has been cracked on using modern technology to provide meaningful higher education at a fraction of the cost, but Democrats have plighted their troth with the costly, crumbling, and corrupt academy.

There are still a few Democrats around who protested the Vietnam War and reviled the establishment. Hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky said he skated to where the puck was going. Politically, the Democrats have skated to where the puck was back in 2001, embracing all the worst aspects of establishment Republicanism: foreign intervention, unipolarity, the military-industrial-intelligence police state, crony capitalism, bogus “free trade” deals, Wall Street bailouts, and noxious central bank machinations. Hillary Clinton is a political transvestite, wearing the garb of the opposition so well she’s indistinguishable from it, yet her moronic minions decried tepid enthusiasm or outright rejection among the Sanders’ supporters they screwed.

Anti-establishment revolt, fiscal constriction, devolution, and decentralization are where the puck is headed. Switching back to the poker analogy: if you preserve your stake and bide your time, eventually the cards come your way. The Democrats still have a substantial stake; their opponents’ grave dancing is wildly premature. That bought-off half of the electorate remains a formidable asset. The Democrats need to make the antes to show everyone they’re still in the game—jeering Trump on immigration, cheering him on infrastructure spending, and so on—but quit throwing their chips away on loser hands like the Russian fabrication.

Even as the Democratic gerontocracy slides from moronic obliviousness to moronic senility, there are perhaps younger political opportunists who see the party as the ideal vehicle for their ambitions. A stock market crash and recession are way overdue. Crushing debt will make this next contraction a doozy and Trump’s support will drop with the DJIA and the GDP. His foreign interventions will be just as disastrous as his predecessors’. He, his party, and his military and Goldman Sachs appointees are now the establishment. One would think somebody in the Democratic party would skate to where the puck is going and reorient it, or at least its rhetoric and tactics, to capitalize on anti-establishment fervor as it reaches full boil. Or maybe not, but if they don’t, the Democrats will join a long line of morons who leave the game flat broke.





16 responses to “Morons, by Robert Gore

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  2. Trump was the last and big f-u to all of the establishment. I wasn’t a fan at all, but what was the alternative? He won’t/can’t fix what ails this country or the west. He’s the finger in the dike or maybe the captain of the Titanic. How do we pluck out the “morons” when the populace is too stupid to understand our counter arguments to begin with? I could educate my family til’ I’m blue in the face, but the lights are on and no one is home. I took the red pill years ago. There are times I wish I didn’t, just to be able to taste what a steak used to taste like in the matrix.

    It’s a lonely place outside the matrix. Educating my kids on what once used to be and where we’re headed is a balancing act. I want to speak truth about where I think we’re headed but it’s hard.

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    • All you can do is keep plugging, and try to have some fun and take some joy where you can.


      • Makes sense. Thanks for the clarity.


      • And you can cultivate a Menckenian detachment:

        Life may not be exactly pleasant, but it is at least not dull. Heave yourself into Hell today, and you may miss, tomorrow or next day, another Scopes trial, or another War to End War, or perchance a rich and buxom widow with all her first husband’s clothes. There are always more Hardings hatching. I advocate hanging on as long as possible.

        I confess I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing.


  3. frank w. hooper

    Political TRANSVESTITE?? Priceless just Priceless.
    Its fun to imagine what Rickles could have done with You feeding him those one liners. That”s too good to leave on this page. If I give You credit three times can I use it?
    I’m glad to hear your book is doing so well but i’m not suprised.


  4. Thanks, and you can use my lines and you only need to give me credit only once. As for Prime Deceit, there was a little sarcasm in my comment. If you tell two friends to buy it, and they both tell two friends, and so on, I’ll only need 20 iterations to get to a million copies sold. It should be easy. Thanks again.


  5. “If the guy across the table’s stack keeps growing, and you’re reaching for your wallet, reconsider your dismissive evaluation of him and realize that perhaps you’re not as sharp as you think. Unfortunately for morons, the don’t do reconsideration and self-evaluation. The coup plotters had a weak hand they played poorly. ”

    Robert, the problem is the Morons are reaching into your and my wallets to fund their next play. They have nothing at risk and not thing to lose by trying to fill in the inside straight. Lose an election? The ones that are left are a locked in win based on the gerrymandering that has been orchestrated in the blue states.

    Great observations otherwise. Keep it coming.


  6. frank w. hooper

    Consider it done.
    I’ll tell the guys that live in my head with me twice a day and we’ll have you there in no time.


  7. frank w. hooper

    Right. Like payday stakes poker in the military. 8 high showing and nothing in the hole is a good hand when you don’t plan on being around on payday.


  8. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    Love it Robert!
    I read it earlier today on David D. facebook page.
    You are so poetic! I am speaking at the next County Commissioners meeting – I know I won’t speak so eloquently. (Forgive any spelling errors please my spell check is broke)

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  9. “Even as the Democratic gerontocracy slides from moronic obliviousness to moronic senility…”
    Great article. I think you have identified the movie title = “Moron”. Just wonder who will clamor to capture the glamour roles (qualified consistent with the above quote and also doing justice to the book) to insure balanced racial representation at the 2017 Oscar ceremony. And this I would watch.


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