Boomerang: ‘Russia-gate’ Turns Into ‘Spy-gate’, by Justin Raimondo

The plot clarifies: the Russiagate investigation was a cover to spy on Trump and his transition team. Wonder if anyone goes to the hoosegow for this. From Justin Raimondo at

Confirmed: Obama administration spied on Trump team

It’s the Boomerang Effect – an investigation that exposes the investigators. That’s what we’re witnessing as the “Russia-gate” probe reveals that the real evildoers at the heart of this ginned-up brouhaha are those who accused President Trump of “treason.”

Now we know the real treason — to the Constitution — is that committed by members of the Obama administration, starting with former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who, as the Daily Caller reports:

“[O]rdered U.S. spy agencies to produce ‘detailed spreadsheets’ of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president, according to former US Attorney Joseph diGenova.

“’What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals… The overheard conversations involved no illegal activity by anybody of the Trump associates, or anyone they were speaking with,’ diGenova said. ‘In short, the only apparent illegal activity was the unmasking of the people in the calls.’”

The Susan Rice connection was first reported by Trump supporter Mike Cernovich, but his article received little notice. However, when Bloomberg reporter Eli Lake wrote about it, Fox News followed up and the story began to break all over the media map. Lake reported that:

“White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of US persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign, according to US officials familiar with the matter.”

Monitored conversations had nothing to do with Trump’s alleged ties to Russian officials, but instead, according to numerous reports, involved detailed information about the Trump campaign. As Lake put it:

“The intelligence reports were summaries of monitored conversations – primarily between foreign officials discussing the Trump transition, but also in some cases direct contact between members of the Trump team and monitored foreign officials. One US official familiar with the reports said they contained valuable political information on the Trump transition such as whom the Trump team was meeting, the views of Trump associates on foreign policy matters and plans for the incoming administration.”

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2 responses to “Boomerang: ‘Russia-gate’ Turns Into ‘Spy-gate’, by Justin Raimondo

  1. “As I wrote at the time that Snowden revealed the nature and extent of NSA surveillance:

    “They can map out your whole life: your friends, your family, your finances, your enemies, your politics, your love affairs, your consultations with a doctor or a psychiatrist, and your location at any given time. They don’t need a warrant: they don’t need a judge: they just need to establish a ‘foreign connection’ – and, as we have seen, that’s real easy.” ”

    After all these goings on, I have to believe that the NSA (and others) spying on Trump (or us) is not following the “foreign connection” restriction i.e. one way or another, there is direct citizen monitoring. So just drop the “foreign connection” pretense.


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