Trump Can’t Let His Real or His Fake Friends Turn Him Into Schwarzenegger Part 2, by Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter argues that Trump will terminate his presidency if he follows the same road as the Terminator. From Schlichter on a guest post at

Once there was a larger than life Republican celebrity with a passion for winning who beat the Democrat establishment, but then let himself be steered away from the conservatism that got him into office and became a leathery, near-forgotten joke. President Trump, never, ever go Full Arnold.

He is so close to success – it’s in his grasp – and yet the President is in danger of allowing both well-meaning friends and false ones to drag him off target by embracing the failed liberal nonsense that created the mess that led to his election.

Trump’s winning now, which is why the reports hinting that he is considering jettisoning his conservative principles in favor of liberal mush are so bizarre. The stock market refuses to tank and thereby obey noted Enron associate Paul Krugman. The job numbers are through the roof; even driving around town in the Venezuela-by-the-Beach that is L.A., you see scores of “Help Wanted” signs. And the Justice Gorsuch nomination was not merely a touchdown. It was Trump scoring seven points, plus two extra points, and then a couple of the hottest cheerleaders running into the end zone while he was spiking the ball to invite him back to their condo for a dip in their Jacuzzi.

Plus the whole “But but but … Russians!” thing went up in a fiery blast – actually, two kinds of fiery blasts, figurative and literal. The figurative detonation of the collusion lie occurred about the time it became clear the only people who might have committed any crimes were the Obama hacks using the NSA to spy on Trump and Co. The literal explosions were over the Syrian airbase, and represented the best of some very bad options. His strike also had a strategic effect that is far more important than the still significant consideration of punishing those semi-humans for their sick Sarin murder spree. The strategic impact was to show those gay-hanging freaks in Tehran and that pudgy slug in Pyongyang how it goes when a president with a presi-sack plays horsey.

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