Bravo! The Donald Finally Fired a Swamp Creature, by David Stockman

David Stockman applauds Trump’s firing of Comey. From Stockman at

We were beginning to think the Donald’s days as the Great Disrupter were over before he even got started. So bringing the hammer down on one of the most self-righteous prigs and self-aggrandizing swamp creatures to ever inhabit the Imperial City came just in the nick of time.

After all, just in the last week Trump got rolled by the Capitol Hill porkers on the continuing resolution (CR) and conned by the GOP leadership on Obamacare repeal, which is already DBA (dead before arrival) in the Senate. At the same time, his one-page Goldman Sachs tax plan has already been laughed off the beltway stage.

He’s even being misdirected by Javanka, who are carrying water for the establishment on the Paris climate accord abomination. Rather than cancel the latter as promised repeatedly during the campaign, Jared and Ivanka are shipping Trump off to the G-7 meeting to be, presumably, enlightened on the matter by the likes of Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and Jean-Claude Junker.

Even more ignominiously, he was given the Ron Zeigler treatment by the Deep State mole in the White House, H.R. McMaster, who passes for his national security advisor. It was bad enough that McMaster declared the Donald’s completely valid statement that the South Koreans should pay for their own defense to be “inoperative”.

Apparently, he is also bamboozling Trump with the discredited Hillary-Petraeus “surge” agenda in Afghanistan. Yet re-escalating a pointless war in the strategically barren expanses of the Hindu Kush would amount to reneging on his entire campaign platform that rejected the nation-building and empire expansion policies of the Washington establishment.

Indeed, the $25 billion per year “McMaster Plan” to revive the Afghan war by sending more US troops to the “graveyard of empires” amounts to nothing less than insanity. The fact is, after $1.5 trillion of wasted treasure and 23,000 American GI’s killed or wounded – to say nothing of hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilian casualties – more than half of the country and one-third of the population is still under Taliban control.

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