Bravo! Trump’s Climate Haymaker Is The Greatest Blow To Statism Ever, Part 1, by David Stockman

The Paris Climate Change Agreement was just another statist monstrosity, and David Stockman applauds President Trump’s withdrawal of the US from it. He also provides valuable historical and prehistorical perspective on the earth’s temperature. From Stockman at

Who would have thunk it? The most statist GOP President of modern times—-and he’s got considerable company—-just delivered one of the greatest blows to statism ever.

We have welcomed the Donald all along as the Great Disrupter, but yesterday’s Rose Garden haymaker was above and beyond the call of duty. It was vintage Trump—no double-talking mainstream speech-crafter slipped in even a hint of equivocation. Not a single olive branch of accommodation was offered to the ruling elites anywhere on the planet.

To be sure, the whole thing was done in the name of a pugnacious “America First” narrative; and it was delivered by a forceful but unprincipled occupant of the Oval Office who has appointed himself America’s jobs czar.

Needless to say, that’s not the same thing at all as liberating the free market to generate jobs, economic value and true prosperity—-or even to leave the people at liberty to fish, hunt, hike, drink and be merry if they wish. But the Donald’s motivation was a whole lot better than that of the legions of government apparatchiks, liberals, environmental scolds, regulators, globalists, crony capitalists, lobbyists, media megaphones, etc. who were cringing and harrumphing at every word of his magnificent Rose Garden rebuke.

Now more than ever, we are sure that the Donald will be carried out on his shield. But what a glorious battle he promises to give on the way out!

After all, exiting the Paris Accord had nothing much to do with genuine environmental policy; nor was it even really about American jobs for that matter.

Those kinds of policy wonk debates—about parts per million of C02 and the relative number of coal-miner versus solar panel installer jobs—-the ruling elites thrive upon.

To continue reading: Bravo! Trump’s Climate Haymaker Is The Greatest Blow To Statism Ever, Part 1


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