They Live: Choose Before You Die, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Something evil this way comes, and popular entertainment captures the pervasive uneasiness, even dread. From Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

Sometimes, during the summers, I like to stay up late.  When not reading or writing, I will usually resort to watching a series on television.  I enjoy series because the character development and storylines are far more in-depth than what is viewed in a mere two-hour movie; although I do watch them as well.  On HBO, I have experienced The Sopranos, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, True Blood, and a few others.  On AMC, it was Breaking Bad and I still watch The Walking Dead. What I like about Netflix, however, is the ability to access a virtual cornucopia of diverse programming on any device; at home, on the road, and easily “un-paused” with the flick-of-a-finger anytime, anywhere, within the matrix.

The word “programming” implies that those who watch are being “programmed” and this is what I find most interesting:  What is being sold, and whyAs red-pilled as I am, I find myself immune for the most part; yet, as the word “programming” indicates, I often wonder if these shows are affecting my overall worldview.  In other words, because I have a dim view of the future, is this why I gravitate towards watching darkly disturbing television programming?  Or, do these shows actually contribute to me seeing the world, and the future, as inevitably dystopian?

All throughout the entertainment universe there seems to be a certain tragic fatalism at play.  Look at any summer blockbuster going back for decades, and if it wasn’t sharks or dinosaurs wreaking havoc in the lives of humanity, it was alien attacks, or meteorites, or mummies, or Harrison Ford fighting both the Nazis and the Galactic Empire. During previous summers, both youth and adults alike witnessed Katniss Everdeen fighting the forces of President Coriolanus Snow in The Hunger Games; or violent robots terrorizing the earth in TransformersAnd, this summer, the big Hollywood hit is Wonderwoman fighting Aries, the mythological Greek God of War, who placed mankind under his evil spell.

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