The Common Core of Education Failure: The Language and Literacy Disaster, by Linda Schrock Taylor

How do we think? With words, mostly. If you don’t understand words, if you don’t understand how they’re structured, can you think anything but the most simple thoughts? The American educational system is destroying the ability to think. From Linda Schrock Taylor at

Literacy failures continue to compound with each generation as mis-educators focus on everything except the core problem:  The Devastation of Language and Literacy.

The vast majority of Americans no longer Hear, Speak, Spell, Read, or Write English with competency, let alone with skill. The destruction of Americans’ ability to precisely understand and use their own language is at the root of every problem that faces our nation: school failure;  dearth of general knowledge; limited horizons; shallow, inaccurate thought processes; poor communication skills; unemployability; criminality; and the development of this shallow, polarized society in which we live.  Still teachers are wasting precious educational time, and damaging young brains, with flashcards and sight word memorization.

We have no reason to expect any noticeable change, whether a Hobby Educator, or a Degreed Educator, is at the helm of the money wasting, regulation imposing, U.S. Department of Education.  The True Educators have mostly died off or been spiritually beaten into silence.  Thus far, no one in power has been willing to 1) accurately identify the Core Problem and its breadth,  2) agree to fund only proven traditional methods, and 3) demand absolute use of successful teaching methods.  Only by doing these three things can America solve the Core Problem at each level and thus RESET the learning and intellectual abilities of all Americans:  Preschool; Elementary; 6-12th  Grades, and Adult.

The Goal should be Life Learning Until America Is Re-Educated!

Most modern teachers in America have never taught any child to be a great reader.  My very wise educator mother always maintained that, “Children, who do learn to read in today’s schools, learn in spite of the instruction.”  I have to agree with her.  My own son, by the school’s own testing, was reading at the 11th grade level in Second Grade BUT he was forced to use First Grade basal readers in the classroom because that was the level of the lowest child.  He was not allowed to check out chapter books from the school library because the school rule was that children could not check out chapter books until Third Grade, no matter their reading level.  It is not politically correct to be a very intelligent child in today’s public schools.

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