Affirmative Action And The Managerial State, by the Zman

As Google will find out, start hiring and advancing people within an organization for reasons other there merits and performance, and the organization inevitably deteriorates. From the Zman at

Misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent.


It is our nature, whenever we are examining the failings of our enemies, to assume the absolute worst of motives and purposes. We want our enemies to be evil, so all of their mistakes and failures are cast as proof of their villainy. It’s human nature. This is particularly true in politics, where there is no benefit to acting honorably. In fact, the normal virtues are vices when it comes to jockeying for power in an organization. The truth is, though, our enemies are rarely evil and their mistakes are usually due to stupidity.

That’s worth thinking about as we rocket into the custodial state, ruled over by layers of management. The people in charge are rarely in their positions due to merit. Instead, they are there because of serendipity, rumbswabbery or maybe they ticked the right boxes to satisfy the diversity engineers. Spend anytime around the Imperial Capital and you figure out that management teams are usually built for the team photo.The corporate partners of the state are suffering the same problem, as we see with Google and PayPal.

That’s a good thing to keep in mind when following the Pakistani IT scandal. The latest is about the chief of staff to Yvette Clarke, a Congressman from New York. According to this story in the Daily Caller, her chief of staff casually signed off on what appears to be a theft ring operating inside the Democrat Congressional Caucus. The facts thus far suggest the Awan gang was running the oldest of scams. They would sell computer gear out the back door and claim it was stolen. For reasons unknown, staffers signed off on it.

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6 responses to “Affirmative Action And The Managerial State, by the Zman

  1. The article has stirred a few thoughts:

    The mad flight of fantasy, constituting “our” fleeing of Reason’s precision, takes many forms. In Science itself it consists of what it is that actually constitutes “science.” Two examples of this perversion of Science are, intellectual “jury tampering,” and “plain-vanilla” data tampering.

    The first is represented by “peer review,” wherein the “defense” chooses witnesses predisposed to confirm “evidence.”

    The second is the relentless attempt to replace the disciplined rigors of hypothesis/test/evaluate/test/confirm/refute, etc., with politically-correct assumption-driven computer programming – that lay behind COMPUTER MODELING. I am NOT suggesting that computer modeling cannot be a part of said “disciplined rigor,” but its use in REPLACEMENT of it is a logical affront to what constitutes the actual scientific method itself!

    In economics this flight has replaced the study of why people behave as they do with the study of why “the data” says what it presumes to say. This is manifested, by and through, the utterly irrational idea that “demand drives production” – which, in turn, leads to the notions that you can spend (consume) your way to prosperity; debt represents wealth; etc. – ad nauseum.

    But nowhere is the abandonment of logic and reason more blatant that in the ideas surrounding the “social sciences.” It is here that the most demonstrably-absurd affronts to reason are now routinely manifested. Again, but two examples:

    The first involves the concept of RIGHTS. It is the idea that an individual – ANY individual, BY RIGHT, ought to be able to consume that which another individual (or groups of them) must first produce. “Health care” is but the most recent example.

    The second is perhaps the most logically-obvious of all, and represents the “theme” of the article. I shall simply state its absurdity: In order to end the evil of discrimination, we must practice the virtue of discrimination.

    The prosecution rests.


  2. Oh contraire mon frere!

    As you most certainly understand, in today’s LEGAL manifestation of the flight, the judge would issue a directed verdict on behalf of the defense.

    In response, instead of “case closed,” you and I might, shaking our heads in dismay, utter what Robert Heinlein might have: “Bog forgive us.”



  3. Lots of rhetorical obfuscation and manoeuvring to evade a primary insight of the libertarians Zman despises: Reason ends where coercion begins. In more specific and concrete terms, a commenter over at TBP said it well:

    Government can reward incompetence, minority status only without talent, cronyism, nepotism and so forth because GOVERNMENT DOESN’T HAVE TO MAKE A PROFIT TO STAY IN BUSINESS.


  4. It need only “profit” by the continued successful sale of its product – as those of us who understand same, are “in” on to the con: Coercion!


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