SLL Hits 100,000 On Zero Hedge!

For the first time an SLL article, “Supervolcano Alert” received over 100,000 hits on Zero Hedge. SLL thanks SLL and Zero Hedge viewers for their support. SLL will continue to toss stones into the stagnant pond of mainstream thinking and propaganda, and the ripples will keep rippling farther and farther out. From Zero Hedge:

‘Supervolcano’ Alert – Not Just In Yellowstone

Supervolcanos take no prisoners. When this one erupts, it will obliterate the rickety superstructures of global governance, finance, and economic….giving the green shoots of decentralized freedom a chance to poke here and there through the ash. It’s about time.”

5 responses to “SLL Hits 100,000 On Zero Hedge!

  1. Congratulations. Well deserved. The SLL message needs this kind of exposure.


  2. Congratulations! Tirelessly trying to do my part in support of your “coming out.”


  3. Ϝastidious reрlies in return of this matter with soliⅾ arguments and tellіng all regardіng that.


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