I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore, by L. Todd Wood

Most of the problems preventing black progress are self-inflicted. From L. Todd Wood at theburningplatform.com:

Black America wrong to blame white racism for woes

I know of no white person alive today in the United States who has ever legally owned a black slave, or any slave for that matter. Almost 700,000 mostly white men died 160 years ago to end slavery. Jim Crow ended generations ago. Yet black America, for the most part, is still locked in inner-city gang violence and economic hardship. Why?

Is it because America is racist? Is it because of some overhanging white supremacy? Is it because of the Illuminati?

No, unfortunately, it is because of black culture and the adoption of Democratic Party government dependency.

We have just had eight years of the first black president. Black athletes, and entertainers, routinely earn multi-million dollar incomes. I can easily name several black billionaires without even trying too hard. A large percentage of black America is very successful. But, it is not enough. Too many black youth are being left behind.

And it is no one but black America’s fault.

No one can solve this problem but black America. No one can throw enough money at it. We’ve tried that. Black America needs to look in the mirror and stop blaming others, especially white people.

I am obviously white and conservative, and I served in the military, which, during my time, was as color blind as you could be. I can also honestly say I don’t give a damn what color your skin is, neither do any of my friends. I do care about your actions.

Blacks are around 15 percent of the population. Depending on what study you look at, they commit around 40 percent to 50 percent of violent crime in America. Of course, there is going to be a problem with police. And, of course, there are some bad policemen. However, those bad apples do not kill black people statistically anymore than they kill white people. Even Harvard said that recently. If you were a cop, and you had to work in a neighborhood infested with crime and murder, wouldn’t you act differently than in a neighborhood where there was little crime? The most effective thing black America could do to improve its relationship with police is to significantly reduce violent crime where they live. Yes, that means change the culture of where you live and your community.

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2 responses to “I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore, by L. Todd Wood

  1. Oh please white person have several seats with this white people narrative you’re preaching! Bye Felicia….


  2. I must say, with but minor and irrelevant exception, I enthusiastically agree with this article!

    I am white, in support of the freedom bequeathed to us by our founders, and I dearly LOVE and enjoy aspects of the “normal” black culture. Conversely, as someone concerned with what is unfolding in our country, I wish to end those “abnormal” aspects of the black culture, for which the overall culture in America is indeed responsible.

    END THE WARS! Begin with the one on Drugs, quickly followed by the one on Poverty.

    That should provide the black culture, as well as the rest of us, with a substantial boost in freedom, opportunity, and go a long way in providing protection from “bad cops” – in whatever neighborhood they may lurk……


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