Holding the “Scandal-Free” Obama Administration Accountable, by Jon Hall

Here is a helpful compendium of the Obama scandals, and it’s extensive. From Jon Hall at fmshooter.com:

Throughout Obama’s two terms, the subservient and corporate Mainstream Media voraciously praised the “transparent” and “scandal-free” administration at every turn they could muster. CNN, MSNBC, and the usual ilk of cable news mocked and belittled conservative personalities and opinion; shaming Republicans and any right-leaning citizens into a corner. Don’t believe me? In 2010, The Telegraph called Obama out for labeling voters on the other side of the aisle – conservatives – as stupid:

Boiled down, the new Obama message to Americans is: you’re too stupid to overcome your fears… This year, Democrats have embraced with gusto the notion that Republicans, and by extension anyone thinking of voting for them, are dimwits.

For Obama’s eight years, the American public was misled and distracted from a sprawling, historic saga of corruption streaming from the White House.

Is it any wonder the entirely bought-out Mainstream Media attempted to tout the Obama admin as pristine and accountable when Obama’s own efforts to control the media were the “most aggressive” since Richard Nixon? Exposed during the 2016 elections, a number of mainstream journalists were found to have colluded with the Clinton campaign; a morally-devoid action that originated and was made the norm under Obama. Now that the dust has settled and President Trump is whittling away at erasing Obama’s legacy from history, it’s easy to take an impartial and fact-based look at the “scandal-free” Obama administration…

Let’s begin with the better, well-known ones, shall we?


With how absurdly negligent (or willfully malicious) the Obama admin’s actions during the immediate aftermath of Benghazi was, it’s hard to believe this scandal was allowed to quietly fade away.

In spite of eyewitness accounts, Obama’s State Department – run by none other than Hillary Clinton – blamed the infamous Benghazi attack against two U.S. government facilities on an anti-Muslim video… but Clinton said differently in private to the Egyptian prime minister in a phone call:

We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack — not a protest.

No matter how badly the Mainstream Media and Obama administration tried to craft the narrative; years later, only the facts remain. The administration told a different story publicly than they did privately; Clinton’s State Department even ignored pleas for additional security in Benghazi. Four Americans died in “a planned attack” and the response of the administration was to cover it up and lie to save face during election season.

Being among the biggest scandal of the Obama administration, the lives lost in Benghazi vividly showcases the careless and reprehensible behavior top Democrats Obama and Clinton had in regard to human life in order to win the Presidency.

To continue reading: Holding the “Scandal-Free” Obama Administration Accountable 

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