Why Roy Moore Will Be the Next Senator From Alabama, by Jim Quinn

Perhaps the quickest way to get someone elected these days is to have the establishment come out against him or her. From Jim Quinn at theburningplatform.com:

“I believe the women. I think he should step aside.”Mitch McConnell
“These allegations are credible. He should step aside.”Paul Ryan

I don’t know whether Judge Roy Moore cruised around malls 40 years ago looking for teenage girls. He might be a pedophile, or the women stepping forward decades after the alleged incidents might be lying. To quote a famous scandal ridden establishment politician, “At this point what difference does it make”. He will win the run-off election for Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat on December 12. He will win because we are in the midst of a Fourth Turning, where the mood of the populace has shifted strongly against the status quo/establishment.

This mood shift has been so strong Donald Trump’s endorsement of establishment hack and Mitch McConnell acolyte Luther Strange over Moore during the primary meant absolutely nothing. Moore won in a landslide. Moore is Alabama’s version of candidate Trump (as opposed to president Trump). He says outrageous things. He tells his opposition to f**k off. He brandishes handguns during campaign speeches. He lost his Chief Justice-ship because he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court building. He was suspended for directing judges to continue to enforce the ban on same sex marriages after the ban had been deemed unconstitutional.

Roy Moore is a lightning rod of controversy and is despised by the liberal media, social justice warriors, the ACLU, left wing Democrats, Hollywood elites, non-Christians and the GOP establishment. He’s a rogue and considered uncontrollable by those running the show in Washington DC. Was it really a surprise these forces would conspire to destroy his candidacy a few weeks before the election? The Jeff Bezos Washington Post goes on a witch hunt to Alabama and seeks out and convinces women to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct four decades after it supposedly happened. Sure is reminiscent of the pussy grabbing audio used against Trump on the verge of the presidential election. The establishment playbook remains the same.

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