He Said That? 12/15/17

From Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910), Russian writer, Resurrection (1899):

Imagine a problem in psychology: to find a way of getting people in our day and age – Christians, humanitarians, nice, kind people – to commit the most heinous crimes without feeling any guilt. There is only one solution – doing just what we do now: you make them governors, superintendents, officers or policemen, a process which, first of all, presupposes acceptance of something that goes by the name of government service and allows people to be treated like inanimate objects, precluding any humane or brotherly relationships, and, secondly, ensures that people working for this government service must be so interdependent that responsibility for any consequences of the way they treat people never devolves on any one of them individually.

One response to “He Said That? 12/15/17

  1. Over the last few years i have been led to see and recognize more fully God’s (YAH’s) government.
    It would seem this is what many have missed. They are waiting for Him, instead of truly seeking Him.
    The answer is not, no government. The answer is recognizing His government, not man’s, nor man’s interpretation.(Imitation?)imho.


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