Choose Love: Don’t Ever Let Fear Turn You Against Your Playful Heart, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

A moving article by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

The words in the title of this piece are not my own. Believe it or not, these are the words of actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, from the end of the video below.  It inspired this essay.

Quite often, I find myself considering what is called the ripples-in-the-pond effect. Like throwing a rock into a smooth body of water, the action (throwing the rock) creates a splash (consequence) that in turn releases ensuing vibrations (reactions) that ripple across the allegorical pond; which, I believe represents the fabric of space-time.  By this definition there are many variables that are enjoyable to think about.  The size of the rock or the number of throws, or actions, involved. For every splash, there are consequences; for good, or bad.

Another interesting construct for these considerations is called the Butterfly Effect. This is when a tiny butterfly flaps it little wings which then creates a chain of events that lead to a hurricane, or typhoon, on the other side of the earth. Whether by throwing rocks or flapping wings, both are seemingly small individual efforts generating domino effects with their own subsequent ramifications.  I enjoy contemplating these symbolizations because they reinforce my belief in the individual while, simultaneously, describing the individual’s effect on others within the matrix of a universally connected macrocosm.

If I strive for good, you, who are reading this, just might benefit.  Or, if I choose wrong, you will not. Personally, I find meaning in these possibilities.

The video below made me think of my college roommate. He died this time of year not too long ago; in the dead of winter. Back during our college days, we would often converse in our dorm room. Sometimes we would talk into the wee hours of the morning.  About our hopes and dreams, our future plans, and girls. He was a good-looking dude and dated some very attractive babes. Since he was so much better looking than I, I would tease him about that.

To continue reading: Choose Love: Don’t Ever Let Fear Turn You Against Your Playful Heart


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