He Said That? 2/11/18

From Eric Hoffer 1902-1983), American writer on social and political philosophy Reflections on the Human Condition (1972):

The Savior who wants to turn men into angels is as much a hater of human nature as the totalitarian despot who wants to turn them into puppets. There are similarities between absolute power and absolute faith: a demand for absolute obedience; a readiness to attempt the impossible; a bias for simple solutions — to cut the knot rather than unravel it; the viewing of compromise as surrender; the tendency to manipulate people and “experiment with blood.”
Both absolute power and absolute faith are instruments of dehumanization. Hence absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.


One response to “He Said That? 2/11/18

  1. Only the Shadow Knows, the Creep State. Politics as usual, ticking like a Swiss Watch US Market ticking time “O” bomb US, tock, clock ticking, tick, tock Mock market. The Just US department is not about you and me, you should know that. What is really going on is a whole bunch of really nasty dirty people in politics and it is not just the Federal Gov. and you can budget that for the next two years with no WALL if we last that long on the short sell. Buy on credit don’t work for the little people, but it pays off in the big time of mostly you being sold out. The FIB tellers of the FBI are only the tip of the ICE berg that is ripping a Yuge hole in the hull of our Titanic disaster and of course we will rearrange some deck chair while the band plays on=Center for American Progress= Deep Dark Shadows Party. But let’s go back a Berry Little further, shall we and then we can, YES WE CAN, CAN THEM!
    Holy War, Waco the hell up! WE PE sez- “In 1993, the ATF and Texas National Guard raided one of the properties belonging to a Branch Davidian group centered around David Koresh for suspected weapons violations. >>>While climbing a ladder, an officer accidentally shot himself in the leg,<<< which began a two-hour firefight in which four ATF agents were killed; this was followed by a standoff with the FBI that lasted for 51 days. The siege ended with a raid that resulted in the deaths of Koresh and 82 of his followers.[2][3]”
    A couple things of interest here concerning the US Constitution as well the Bill of Right, namely Freedom of Religion to include Free speech, whether you like it or not and obviously the right to assemble in one’s own castle, or perhaps Castle Doctrine. Then we could move to the Right to keep and bear arms, said amendment said nothing about the length, caliber, or respective nature of said arms fully automatic, but did say for the security of a FREE state. And then the whole due process, innocent until proven guilty, illegal search and seizure, right to privacy in person and papers, need I say belief system. Then throw in the Posse Comitatus, just for fun with military tanks, helicopters, numerous, alphabet soup two and three letter agencies, NG, ATF, FBI, TR, CIA, Delta Forces, oh that’s right, there is no Delta Force, scratch them then. In short is was Forced Vengeance of Government, you dirty RAT!
    Never mind the Gun Control Act of 1934, that basically said and the court of the Supremes ruled the short barreled shotgun needless, need I say sawed off double barreled shot gun with bobbed stock was the shop keepers go to gun and protection against thieves in general and revenuers in particular. The Government Ruled them illegal, Taxed the hell out of them, as well as the basic Tommy Gun, due to its repetitive nature and of course 100 round drum magazine. The fact of the matter was Billy’s Billary vast Right Wing Conspiracy started a Holy WAR and few noticed. For 51 days nobody said much and then after-words swept under the rug of our own Government ability and capacity to kill Americans on US soil, need I say private property! There was you beginning of real Climate Change, just ask Janet Reno, oh that’s right wing conspiracy she’s dead but not as suspicious as Vince Foster. In the mean time between then and now military weaponizing of the Police State, even the Department of RE-Education, just in case you don’t assimilate, you can be persuaded, ya know? Yet, good to know the Police State in the Snow Job Bowl of being a Super force against evils and terrorist just like US has the capabilities of Janet Reno’s Goon Squads X exponentially.
    Funny thing is most bought the Government story of a group of radical religious guns and bible people being criminals and deserved government punishment that the then bought off media of CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS sold and if you did not agree, you were the Vast Fight Wing Conspiracy with guns that needed to be taken away and then ban ASS salt weapons too ban and limit mag. capacity mental capacity to as few revenuers as humanely possible hit, it was da law of da land, pre-post band aid. AS you may not recall the internet was in its infancy and no Smart ASS phone that track your every move. However, a select few had El Rushbo in Sacramento Cali-fortunate back way in “””1984”””. Nothing there, move along now, nothing to hear here, none of your business, move along now, or else?
    Excuse me for being slightly suspicious of Fight Wing Conspiracies being right, perhaps the door gunner, of Fast and Furious runs for guns? Religious Freedom as long as it is Islamic and or atheist, and of course infiltrate the Catholic Church with perverts, false profanities of gay this and that, from corn rows to corn holes in critical theory of theology to replace God with Government (interestingly them both start with a “G” man, who will notice?). Nope, not even going to get into Billary being a communist and Bill being a opportunistic ass whole paid off presumably by governmental Papa Bush Whacker’s 1000 point of blight in the new world orders of the United Nations of mostly Communists, DAMN COMMUNISTS!!! Read My purple Lips! Still the fact remains that was the start of the war, a Holy War on the American people and nobody said a word, except perhaps in Oklahoma and you know what happened to those guys, don’t you? I suppose not. Forget the never Forget odd or 2001 and previous Al a Gory of the cave man in climate Change for change hanging chads in Florida recount and recounts the Electoral College won out and Al had to go to the Inconvenient Story of the Club of Rome not necessarily the truth radical climate changest, cha ching cha ching. Even more interestingly the communist gathering in Rio, 1992 Earth Summit was not for the populustly, or perhaps it was for a bunch of De-populusts. And had nothing to do with any sort of atmospheric anomalies, real or imagined, it was about depopulation and to sustainability of the DAMN COMMUNISTS, nothing more on!
    More on 1992… the short sell.
    “ A handful of short trades succeeded so spectacularly that they have become the stuff of legend. One of the best known short trades is George Soros’ short selling of the British pound in September 1992, which forced the currency out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and netted Soros $1 billion in the bargain (see How did George Soros “break the Bank of England?”). Another spectacular short trade was hedge fund manager John Paulson’s bet against U.S. subprime mortgage securities that made his firm $15 billion in 2007.

    Read more: Short Selling Tutorial https://www.investopedia.com/university/shortselling/#ixzz56jNpwGSz
    Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook”
    Not a fix for the whole too big to fail system of international banking, the only thing that fixes that is a nuke or two, yet some sort of standard may help in the future… future peoples.
    Is this the party to whom I AM speaking? I should hope so. Again the point of the gold standard, gold is not the point. The point is a standard! A standard such as standard time, is money which is some wave length of Krypton gas in the ultra-violet spectrum or something like that frequency there of the element that is measured. The measurement remains the same given, given circumstances, ya know? I suppose not. Anyhow, the example of time is the measure of the wavelength, which sets the standard. Money or the various precious metals price as a standard as has been proven does not have to be physical, but the promise does, so the value fixed to a measure, or standard even if the goods or services fluctuates due to various circumstances, such as market saturation or rarity and anything in between. Let’s face facts, every buck (dollar) is an IOU note. It is that simple! The transaction is not the measure of currency, rather it is the satisfaction with the transaction, that is human action, money is a confidence game.
    Before we really get too deep in the weed of life let us consider People Futures. A commodity, with a somewhat human aspect with worth traded. There is multi-trillion dollar idea, isn’t it? I got first dibs! With a twist perhaps. Value is considered at conception, viable varied verified, need I say value increases with gestation then decreases in value when born becomes a capital expenditure. For eighteen long and painful years, it is all overhead, few rewards for most. Yet the joy of a smiling imbecilic Berry Little face, google cutesy, gushy, slobber burp for me, belch browny. Then we can hand them off to indoctrination centers for cerebral studies and reprogramming the future useful ones, need I say idiots on average? So, we need to assign a value of some such to trade. For sake of a number one thousand dollars per head, paid at birth and then through the magic of compounded interest with a vesting period of twenty years the little rascals get a pile of money, but all the while we will have been skimming twenty percent for maintenance costs of rusty dis-trusty trustees. Then we will need some sort of facade, a cover story for our store front lip stick on the pig and we shall call it the Federal Reserve. Life will be Grand, you just wait and see.
    However, not to get too deep into the weeds of reality of the Theory of Relativity (E=MC2) the standard time is the speed of light constant “C” for matter-mass and energy seemed to not agree on the all matters large and small such as gravity in the time space continuum and is gravity magnetism? The small forces seem to be magnetic, while the larger force appears to be gravity. So, here is the fun part.
    Gravity and magnetism are not the same thing. In fact, they are completely separate forces. Gravity is a force that acts between any two objects with mass. No matter what they are made of, both objects get pulled towards each other just because they have mass. https://van.physics.illinois.edu/qa/listing.php?id=225
    And so we can assume my little photon (light) did not know if he, she or it were particle (mass or matter) or wave (frequency) yet have a magnetic attraction, what does it matter resulted in repulsion and perhaps propulsion. In the mean time large bodies has force of gravity to contend with due to being large bodies attracting until them hit each other than you have collision, need I say impact is possible energy release and repulsion of matter due to collision on something more than a nuclear level and yet too is atomic release.
    Now you may ask what the Theory of Relativity has to do with the gold standard, or any standard, just pick one for that matter of money. Or the large and small transactions are similar but completely different due mainly to its size, need I say mass and of course velocity and acceleration, need I say accumulation, or lack thereof.
    “ A handful of short trades succeeded so spectacularly that they have become the stuff of legend. One of the best known short trades is George Soros’ short selling of the British pound in September 1992, which forced the currency out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and netted Soros $1 billion in the bargain (see How did George Soros “break the Bank of England?”). Another spectacular short trade was hedge fund manager John Paulson’s bet against U.S. subprime mortgage securities that made his firm $15 billion in 2007.
    And to what do we owe the debt of gratitude too Mr. Paulson shorts (I suspect he was not the only one that made out like a bandit), I mean the bet against millions of Americans losses, so of course he could accumulate 15 BILLION. I suppose y”O”u could argue the bet was against the bank and or market, still the outcome is the same, a whole lot of people lost out big time and then pretty much without consent of the governed BAILED OUT THE BANK, but not the American people, double Wham “O” B-BAMA again to whom do we owe this gratitude of DEBT? And here is the really fun part for your 401 KKK, you can’t touch it, but the likes of Mr. Paulson, George Soros and them can. It is no surprise that our open border boy, boy George for which I surgically removed from: The Obama-Soros Connection, bpatterson | Thursday Sep 9, 2010 3:01 AM Human Events
    Soros is one of the wealthiest men on the planet, with a personal fortune of at least $7 billion and additional investments of another $11 billion or so. His collaborative group of pro-Left foundations distributes more than $400 million a year to causes ranging from underwriting left-leaning Democrat Party candidates to legalizing marijuana to advocating for euthanasia.
    It was at a highly secretive meeting in the summer of 2002 that Soros, Morton Halperin, (the director of Soros’ Open Society Institute), John Podesta (the former Clinton White House chief of staff), Jeremy Rosner (a former speech writer for Bill Clinton), Robert Boorstin (a Democrat strategist and also a former speech writer for Clinton) and Carl Pope (a Democrat strategist and environmentalist) met to draft a plan to defeat President George W. Bush in the presidential election of 2004.
    Ultimately, Soros would spend approximately $26 million of his own money in a failed mission to rid America of President Bush. It was through this effort, however, that Soros gave birth to a much more ominous cause, the “Shadow Party.” And the Shadow Party would eventually become the Obama Administration. And George Soros would become the master puppeteer for the President of the United States and the leader of the free world.
    Without Soros and the Shadow Party, Barack Obama would be, at best, a senator from Illinois attending social gatherings with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and sitting in the pews of black liberation theologist Reverend Jeremiah Wright. At worse, he’d be an unremarkable and unheard of state senator. Instead, Barack Obama is the President of the United States.
    Only July 7, 2003, Soros, Halperin, Podesta and Harold Ickes, (deputy chief of staff for the Clinton White House, money man, and dirty trickster) founded the American Majority Institute just three blocks from the White House to be the cornerstone organization of the Shadow Party. A few months later, they changed the name to the Center for American Progress under which it is known today. The organization describes itself as “a nonpartisan research and educational institute” aimed at “developing a long-term vision of a progressive America” and “providing a forum to generate new progressive ideas and policy proposals.”
    Nity gritty details, with which I will not bore you at this time and fast forward to the beginning of the END as follows:
    Literally hours after the announcement, Soros sent Obama the maximum individual contribution allowed by campaign finance law. Later that week, Soros announced that he would be supporting the candidacy of Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton, the candidate he’d previously supported. In an interview he conducted with Judy Woodruff in May, 2008, Soros was prophetic, gushing “Obama has the charisma and the vision to radically reorient America in the world,” and added “this emphasis on experience is way overdone.”
    Note here, there is nothing in our US Constitution that says a NON-citizen, Communist, Nazi sympathizer can send a torpedo misled public a nuclear missile to the US eco=NO=money ecologically speaking of the Mock Market, intended crash sublime prime submarined with shadow Gov. party by the hedge fund manager can and will inter-fear with US elections, but of course the Russians and Chinese can too and do! What should be investigated is the entire crew! And that inter-fear ance, could elect a NO Name, NO body (sealed Records) to be POT US, but did and nobody said a word to stop it, well maybe a few that are now either dead or relieved of their commission of guilt, paid off with their life. But NO, that would take too long and remember them are all lawyer ed up with layers of lawyers (member the Ruse Law Firm, Billary, I AM sure Chelsea does!) and to preferences of who courts the courts with judges appointments. There is little use as I may have indicated, there is no political solution. Therefore the best course of action is action is to round them all up along with all the illegal’s and off to the FEMA camps for further interrogation and perhaps torture may enlighten the imaginations of the criminal activities them perpetrated.
    Therefore I AM applying for the soon to be created job of High Supreme Chief inspector Clue So in charge of interrogation and torture of all FEMA camps resident evils. Not because I AM Broke and have nothing else to do due to being Black Balled for any future employment for being a paleface and somewhat outspoken critic of all things political, no not because of that, because I want REVENGE!!! It’s the new American DREAM, DREAMERS.
    PS, the rock and the hard spot, which just happens to be the government rock of opp0soing forces, need I say is the income tax got everyone by the short hairs, with, with holding not withstanding a Yuge reason, as well the debt and debt of individuals that no one will cry wolf, woff! Don’t rock the boat, or perhaps your ship will sink, as it has mine.
    Before I discontinue this rant, I would like to tell you about the good old days that were not all that goods and services good. However, what they did have was local sustainability, that most food products were from local farms and producers, bread from a bakery, milk and eggs from the dairy and chicken farms and everyone, or so it seemed had a garden and canning was popular. Local lumber and building materials and even corn livestock and people stock and was for making moonshine strictly for medicinal purposes, of course instead of 10% ethanol for you gas tank which just plain silliness. Life was not easy but more sustainable than it is today and I might add people actually talked to each other face to face and very often it was politically incorrect, yet truthful, there was no PC . And, more Churches than you would care to go to, that were not afraid to preach to you about the hellfire and damnation and too where you were going too if you continued down the path you are on. Life was however simpler by far, yet a fair amount of hard work. There was a commonality (work ethic as it is called these days) that went like this, if you don’t do it, nobody else will and most often things got done. Then too, the local cops job was to keep kids from playing hooky and make sure the drunks got home safely at night and not much else.
    Them the whole Boomer generation, boom boom, boom boom, gonna shoot you right down, John Lee.
    The problem is not just the so called boomers; it is intergenerational going back to the Progressive era of their collective errors. The beginning in the good old USA’s collectiveness is Teddy Roosevelt and Woody Wilson, Federal Reserve, income tax and all of that to FDR to Alger Hiss having a hissy fit, ultimately causing Dick Nixon to resign. And, oh by the way Dick was no more a crook than any other President, left with honor.
    A short story before I continue told to me by my mom some years ago. In her early twenties working in northern Minnesota somewhere around 1945, for which I call the Great Mistake, Damn Communists. She told me she was approached by a political party recruiter telling her she should sign up and support their cause of Socialism. My mom did not know what that was. So, after asking around to find out what that was all about, she became a lifelong Democrat, not a socialist, even if she did vote for Billy Clinton.
    Long story short, the Progressives, Socialists, Communist have worked over the Democratic Party which is now mostly Communist leadership, even if the rank and file Democrats don’t know it. In 1968 the socialist pretty much took over the Democratic leadership, credit Billy Ayres of Weathermen fame and of course Hanoi Jane Fonda and I suspect John McCain, as well as a boatload of others draft deferred. Fast forward to today and most Democrats don’t know they are Communists; however do pretty much what the communist tell them to do. The reason for this is pretty simple, like beauty is not only skin deep, nobody digs deep enough to find out what the real agendas are. Please consider the bias media was just as biased then, however less open about it and well before any sort of alternative media, such as the internet, talk radio and socialist media.
    I asked my mom why she voted for Billy Clinton and she said because he had nice hair, which was a little confusing because she did not vote for Ronald Regan who also had nice hair. But, the alternative at the time was Ross Perot or read my lips Bush Whacker # 1 the evil Republican. However, it is good to remember that the only information or propaganda was the party politics on TV and newspaper, again no internet. I liken this to high school team sport mentality, peer pressure and who your friends are, yea team and not so much any in depth research on just exactly what the consequences may be. If you want an example of this, the hissy fit and where the term came from, did anybody know Alger Hiss? And, of course why he had a fit? Was it Nixon, you bet cha! You have to connect the dots to find out, which very few have the time nor inclination to do, work, making a living and all that, I suppose reason.
    Here is another reason. We have no Whitaker Chambers that are inclined to defect and no Bill Buckley to listen to them, or even hire the likes of Mr. Chambers a communist defector that gave up Alger Hiss, pumpkin papers. A hard line is drawn in political parties and such is our divide and I think most have no idea of what is really going on, the propaganda on both sides is overwhelming, yet somewhere among it all this, there is truth but, people don’t like truth, ya know?
    You may think from what I have just written that I do not think highly of my mom, which is not so. She was a great American having grown up during the Great Depression and WWII and rejecting Socialism and an alcoholic husband. She was a woman ahead of her time, single mom well before it was popular and there was no welfare, if there was she would not have accepted it. A woman of faith and patriotic duty and voting was part of that. And I might add a pretty good cook. I also knew she was disappointed after working a good number of years for the same company to have her pension slashed to nothing at retirement, I will not mention that was Sears and Ro-bucks.
    As for me being the early to middle boomer, I can tell you this, it has been going on for a long time. I could go into the mass exodus of manufacturing from the north to the south mainly due at the time to Unions and taxes and of course lower wage in the south, or even to other countries in search of cheap labor but, that is not the whole story either. The mining industry in the north took hit after hit and mergers and acquisitions to relieve themselves of liabilities, each time cutting wages and work force. I managed to do my part of that and even did pretty well to what was not them but is now the middle class, house in the burbs and company car with expense account and all of that working 60 + hours a week and a whole lot of travel well before there was a TSA, smoking on airplanes, I did OK.
    Up until about 2008, and that was about the fourth or fifth crash of the economy I gave in, or perhaps up and started doing this, writing down everything I could think of and research on why things are the way they are, mainly because the coincidence of market crash and elections. 2008 was different, it was political not just economic. Tracing it back I could see similarities in the Jimmy Carter years and even Billy Clinton the snow ball still pretty small, but when Obama was elected (not his real name and should never have been on the ballot) that snow ball starting rolling down hill faster and faster and getting exponentially bigger and bigger. You will never see the whole picture. Luckily the internet was just new enough and government tampering was minimal, it was possible to find a whole lot of information that you will not find today, I don’t think its gone, just buried too deep. I’ll also tell you this, a lot of those aging boomers haven’t got two nickels to rub together, much less a pot to piss in, but they are still hanging on to what little honor and virtue we have left as a country, don’t blame it all on them.
    So, the end result of the Fundamental Transformation, I am fundamentally broke, no house in the burbs, assets pretty much liquidated, no pension and not much future left and living in an RV with my dog, but it is the life I chose, certainly not all by myself, I had a lot of help along the way, things like the ever increasing taxes, insurance cost, devalued dollars and of course a few recessions and depressions and of course my reason for doing it all gone but she is still my inspiration however I don’t think she would approve, or my mom. Still, I do write and until my dying breath will continue to do so, even if I am grammatically challenged and prone to humor, tragedy and error. Not all bad. And as far as blaming the Boomer, there is whole lot of blame to go around. Now what are you going to do to fix it? Do about what you may ask, nevermind.


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