For the Dreamers: No Deportation, No Citizenship, by Ryan McMaken

Here’s an idea that because it calls on the government to do essentially nothing might just work. From Ryan McMaken at

The current wrangling on Capitol Hill over the so-called Dreamers has come down to the usual political deal-making. Trump has signaledhe’s willing to compromise on deportations — that is, initiate fewer of them — if he can get funding for his border wall.

Also at issue is whether or not Dreamers already in the US ought to be able to sponsor their parents for legal residency or for citizenship.

Dreamers are current illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

Opposition to deportation of the Dreamers — especially those who are still minors — has been significant, with much of the opposition geared around the idea that some minors are being deported to foreign countries where they don’t even know the language or local culture after having been in the US for most of their lives.

On the other hand, support for deportations has centered on fears that allowing the Dreamers to stay in the US will encourage a new influx of immigrants who will in turn become citizens quickly and unduly influence the political system. Also at play is the concern that some immigrants are a net drain on social welfare benefits and on other government-provided amenities such as public schools.

Is There a Laissez-Faire Approach to the Dreamers?

For many Americans who are concerned with freedom and free markets, the solution to this situation has sometimes not necessarily been clear. Is there a way to address immigration issues without doubling down on more government power and more government spending?

On the issue of welfare, of course, the issue is not complicated, and has already been summed up by Ron Paul:

How to tackle the real immigration problem? Eliminate incentives for those who would come here to live off the rest of us, and make it easier and more rational for those who wish to come here legally to contribute to our economy. No walls, no government databases, no biometric national ID cards. But not a penny in welfare for immigrants. It’s really that simple.

No deportations are required to enforce this measure. In practice, all that is needed is for governments to take no action. That is, they don’t offer services to non-citizens.


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One response to “For the Dreamers: No Deportation, No Citizenship, by Ryan McMaken

  1. Just deport them criminals.


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