Tried, Convicted, Executed, by Ol’ Remus

The gun control laws we have didn’t prevent Nikilas Cruz from murdering 17 people, and more laws won’t prevent future massacres. From Ol’ Remus at

Talk of “understanding why” a 19-year-old shot his former schoolmates is just fog and blather. Who cares? All we have to “understand” is who did it, Nikolas Cruz by name. A century ago he would have gone to trial within weeks, and if convicted, publicly executed soon thereafter with hymn singing and refreshments all around. As long as justice was served, anyone was free to peddle their tea time theories.

Those with a weak grip on reality wallow in ghoulish speculation as a sort of group therapy. Gossamar notions like “toxic masculinity” are the juju of our day. By the time the world outside notices their nicely varnished delusion du jour, it’s already been superseded by some other sorry fad.

Even after thousands of years no one has the answer to outrages acts like this. Certainly not gun control laws. People have figured out gun control isn’t about crime, it’s about power. States banning AR-15 style rifles have a compliance rate of five to eight percent, by their own estimate. The inventory is increasing actually, arms manufacturing is going underground, guns are becoming the bathtub gin of the 21st century. Add these to the three hundred million already out there, and an estimated one trillion rounds of ammunition.

Primordial Slack – A stray dog bit me. I demanded that all my neighbors’ dogs should have their teeth pulled.

We don’t know why he did it, but we know how he did it. Deputies were sent to Cruz’s home thirty-some times in the six years prior for domestic violence calls without ever charging him, which allowed him to pass the background check. The school expelled him as too dangerous to be on campus but hushed up the specifics, and the FBI “couldn’t identify” him from a threat posted on his account under his real name and didn’t even pass what information they had to its Miami field office. The agencies charged and trusted to intercept the Cruz’s among us were incompetent, indifferent, or both.

Since the 1930s, gun control activists have gotten the laws they promised would end gun crimes forever. They may be impressed with the results, gun owners aren’t and never were. They’re not at all impressed with having their life depend on someone else’s promises and schemes. Which is one reason they’re gun owners.

Aside: Anti-gun fanatics would have us believe the AR-15 came on the market a few months ago. Colt first sold the AR-15 Sporter in the civilian market in 1964. At 54 years old, the AR-15 predates most gun control activists. About 30 million have been sold since.

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3 responses to “Tried, Convicted, Executed, by Ol’ Remus

  1. “The school expelled him as too dangerous to be on campus but hushed up the specifics…”

    On the above from CTH: ” Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2010 through 2016 that culminated in the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland. ”


  2. And a second one from CTH on same topic.

    ” The Sheriff, the School Superintendent and every member of the Broward County School Board are complicit. They deserve no quarter.”


  3. And today;
    Eric Holder quoted: ” …But it is just the beginning of what I know – and I pledge – will be an ongoing conversation about how we can better understand the causes, and most effectively remedy the consequences, of disparities in student discipline.”

    There is some overlap with the 2 comments above but is still worthwhile.


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