Pentagon: We Are “Fully Prepared” For A Russian Nuclear Attack, by Tyler Durden

The Pentagon responds to Vladimir Putin’s announcement (see previous article). From Tyler Durden at

The United States accused Russia of being an “irresponsible player” for boasting about an array of new, mostly hypersonic weapons, that President Putin said would make its nuclear arsenal invulnerable to interception by the US.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters it was “unfortunate” to watch a video animation depicting “a nuclear attack on the United States” that accompanied Putin’s state-of-the-nation speech Thursday, calling the video “cheesy” and “irresponsible.”

Vladimir Putin delivers his annual Presidential Address

“We don’t think that kind of imagery, in a cheesy video, as being a responsible action.” She also said Putin’s announcement confirmed, “what the US has known for a long time that Russia has been developing destabilizing weapons systems for more than a decade in direct violation of treaty obligations.”

She then proceeded to ignore Russian reporters at today’s press briefing.

As reported earlier, in his speech which took the west by surprise with the scale of Russian military accomplishments, Putin unveiled the latest additions to the country’s nuclear arsenal, including underwater drones capable of launching nuclear strikes and hypersonic missiles. The Russian president made the announcement at his annual state of the nation address in Moscow, Putin’s last speech before Russia’s presidential election on March 18.

“We don’t regard that as behavior of a responsible player,” Nauert said.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon urged calm and expressed it was “fully prepared” to handle the advanced Russian nuclear threat.

“We’re not surprised by (Putin’s) statement. And the American people should rest assured that we are fully prepared,” Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White adding that she was “very confident” in America’s ability to react to “anything that may come our way.”

“We are prepared and we are ready,” she said. “This is not about defense. This is about deterrence.”

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2 responses to “Pentagon: We Are “Fully Prepared” For A Russian Nuclear Attack, by Tyler Durden

  1. “… the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is asking for $120 million to develop hypersonic missile defenses, a big increase from the $75 million in fiscal 2018.”
    1. The Pentagon could consider contracting with Elon Musk. As configured, this portends to be a NASA-like multi$$billion, multiyear marathon.
    2. Would the US response have sounded a little bit more authentic coming from, say, the JCofStaff or head of the DoD?


  2. The hypersonic missile is a bad joke. The real threat is if the russians have developed true drone subs equipped with cruise/ballistic missiles.

    Missile defenses should have been erected decades ago but the Democrats have always opposed such defenses. $120 to develop such defenses is a bad joke and the sooner credible defenses are in place the sooner would be aggressors will cool their jets.

    By the way its odd that one day we hear about non existent threats and massive military spending followed by threats from our loving allies.

    Lets get real shall we. We live in a dangerous world with nations with conflicting goals and visions. Some of these nations are run by psychopaths nearly as dangerous as Obama or the Hildabeast. Our leadership should do what it can to protect us from any threat that may be reasonable provided for.


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