Putin’s State of the Union, by Paul Craig Roberts

Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia has hypersonic missile capability for which the US probably does not have a defense (the US military says it does, see next post). From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

Putin has given a remarkable address to the Federal Assembly, the Russian People, and the peoples of the world. http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/56957

In his speech Putin revealed the existence of new Russian nuclear weapons that make it indisputably clear that Russia has vast nuclear superiority over the United States and its pathetic NATO vassal states.
In view of the Russian capabilities, it is not clear that the US any longer qualifies as a superpower.

There is little doubt in my mind that if the crazed neoconservatives and military/security complex in Washington had these weapons and Russia did not, Washington would launch an attack on Russia.

Putin, however, declared that Russia has no territorial ambitions, no hegemonic ambitions, and no intention to attack any other country. Putin described the weapons as the necessary response to the West’s firm refusal year after year to accept peace and cooperation with Russia, instead surrounding Russia with military bases and ABM systems.

Putin said: “We are interested in normal constructive interaction with the United States and the European Union and are expecting that common sense will prevail and our partners will choose fair and equal cooperation. . . . Our policy will never be based on aspirations for exceptionalism, we are defending our interests and respect the interests of other countries.”

Putin told Washington that its efforts to isolate Russia with sanctions and propaganda and to prevent Russian capability to respond to the growing military encirclement from the West has failed. Russia’s new weapons have made the entire US/NATO approach “ineffective from a military point of view.” “The sanctions to constrain Russia’s development, including in the military sphere… they did not work out.” They have not been been able to contain Russia. They need to realize this… Stop rocking the boat in which we all sit.”

So, what is to be done? Will the West come to its senses? Or will the West, drowning in debt and loaded to the gills with bloated and ineffective military industries, intensify the Cold War that Washington has resurrected?

To continue reading: Putin’s State of the Union


2 responses to “Putin’s State of the Union, by Paul Craig Roberts

  1. After reading both articles, I favor PCRs interpretation of the situation.


  2. Wow Craig has escaped his keepers, not taken his meds for some time, and gotten to his crayons. Call the Minions, there’s a crazed weasel on the loose.

    One hopes Mr. Craig realizes that Russia has used its surrogates to inave many nations in recent memories. The important thing to keep in mind is that Russia doesn’t have these weapons, and anyone who believes the Russians are capable of restraining their ambitions if they have the means to attain them, I have a wonderful deal involving renewable energy with a Nigerian prince that only requires a 100,000 cash deposit for untold wealth.

    Hurry soon Craig. Bring your followers, with such analytic skills you should not miss this opportunity.


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