1984 Is In Full Bloom, by Jim Quinn and Holly O

The Holly O saga continues. From Jim Quinn at theburningplatform.com:

When I read this forwarded email from Yojimbo from HollyO this morning it seemed surreal. I swear it sounded like a scene from 1984, the movie. I can’t believe this is happening in this day and age. I think we are all being naive regarding how far our ruling class will go to suppress free speech, freedom, and our liberties as human beings. We are living in dark times, despite the delusion of wealth, health and supposed democracy.

A virtual police state is being created, with government surveillance agencies conspiring with the social media mega-corps to control and monitor our every thought, action, or conversation. If anything, as this Fourth Turning progresses, it will get worse. We are already at war, we just don’t know it, and we’re losing. I need to repost the Hangman poem as a reminder what will happen.

I have a Pdf of Holly’s article on my hard drive. I will email it to you directly if you contact me at quinnadvisors@gmail.com.

Email from HollyO:

The landline rang yesterday which was unusual because no one ever rings me. I picked it up and heard, ‘Heddlu.’ Then the phone was put down on the other end.

I went into shock, then moved fast. I opened protonmail and fired a message to Yojimbo to contact Admin, signed out, wiped what I had under my immediate control, then heard a car pull up.

The last thing I did was burn a PDF to a thumb drive, then trashed the file. I ejected the thumb drive, capped it and heard a knock on the door.

I went to answer the door and realised I was still holding the thumb drive, so ran to the back and poked it in the cat litter box.

I was detained overnight then released, no charges. On the ride back all I could assume was that Yojimbo and Admin must have moved like Helen of Troy with her arse on fire to do as I asked and so my gratitude is boundless.

The Peace Force took my Mac mini, but gave it back. I will reformat and clean install.

I have the hardest-working guardian angel in the business.

The cat must have had a WTF moment because the thumb drive had been bounced out of the box and was lying on the floor. I got a shower and had a cup of tea, thought about writing this down but took a nap. Now I am awake. I will send this to Yojimbo and he and Admin can take it from there, post this statement as-is on the platform or whatever, I leave it entirely in their hands.

From now on I will only be writing on pmail to other pmail users. If you ever get an account don’t lose your passwords – there’s no password recovery since even protonmail doesn’t know your passwords. And leave passwords behind and start thinking in passphrases instead. The time is coming when everyone will have to choose between privacy or convenience.

One of the few things that make my blood run cold is the thought of going to prison in this country. While you are in there if you don’t convert you get carved up.

Spiritual Pragmatists of the Platform, the fact the you are on this site means you don’t think like other people – use that. The dark days coming are what you’ve trained for your whole life. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Keep your powder dry. Use passphrases. Love one another. Skip that Netflix payment for a month and contribute generously so Admin can keep the lights on.

A souvenir for you, the pdf I was putting together – ask Yo or Admin for it – I opened it to typeset it nicely then just stopped. It’s not beautiful but it’s legible. Disseminate or ignore as you will, your call.

Be free.





4 responses to “1984 Is In Full Bloom, by Jim Quinn and Holly O

  1. From the comment section of TBP above link:
    “Administrator says:
    March 20, 2018 at 8:32 am
    The UK police consider any article or speech criticizing or questioning the massive influx of Muslims into their country as hate speech. They now consider it a crime to have an opinion contrary to what the government says.”
    Are we far along on that same path?


  2. Feels like it’s the big putsch here, now. doubling, quadrupling down on confiscation
    Time to get your NO! ready


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