He Said That? 4/14/18

From Barry Goldwater (1909–1998) American politician, businessman, and author, five-term United States Senator from Arizona (1953–65, 1969–87) and the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 1964, Goldwater (1988), co-written with Jack Casserly:

Johnson was a dirty fighter. Any campaign with him in it would involve a lot of innuendo and lies. Johnson was a wheeler-dealer. Neither he nor anyone else could change that. That’s what he was. And Johnson was a treacherous boot. He’d slap you on the back today and stab you in the back tomorrow. Moreover, LBJ was dull. He was a lousy public speaker. The man didn’t believe half of what he said. He was a hypocrite, and it came through in the hollowness of his speech. LBJ made me sick.

One response to “He Said That? 4/14/18

  1. To show what kind of creep LBJ was, he got himself awarded the Navy Cross, although he never saw combat, but had the political connections to wrangle one. Just like good ole Kerry.


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