Charles Krauthammer, by Jack Kerwick

It’s an umbrella term, but the best description of Charles Krauthammer is he was a statist, at home and abroad, through and through. He was perhaps more personably likeable than most statists, but he was a statist. From Jack Kerwick at

Charles Krauthammer, famed Fox News “all-star,” has died at the age of 68.

Understandably enough, his colleagues have been effusive in their eulogizing of the man who has long been regarded as a sage of the conservative movement.  Even while he lived, and long before he would be diagnosed with the disease that would end his life, no one in the Big Conservative media, even when they disagreed with him (over, say, Donald Trump), would argue with Krauthammer without first qualifying their remarks with assurances that they meant no disrespect to the good doctor.

Krauthammer, doubtless, exemplified some true character excellences.  He was intelligent, certainly, and, unlike many, Krauthammer had a calmness of mind that enabled him to be among the most articulate proponents of the ideas that he shared with his fellow partisans.  Nor is there anyone who can fail to be moved by the determination, indeed, the courage, that a man must possess to become as professionally and personally accomplished as Krauthammer became despite the severe physical obstacles with which life burdened him.

Yet these commendable attributes of his aside, as a well-known commentator, even a commentator who enjoyed the distinction of being a “public intellectual,” Krauthammer had a track record—a record extending back decades—that was less than stellar.

In truth, it was abysmal.

Had Krauthammer’s not been among the more prominent faces of today’s “conservative movement,” then we could safely ignore the hagiographical-type commentary that is now being cranked out on him.  Since things are otherwise, however, the truth must be told.

For starters, Krauthammer self-identified as a Great Society Democrat until as recently as the 1980s.  He wrote for the left-leaning The New Republic and, even after he became a Reaganite, Krauthammer became a weekly columnist, and resident “conservative,” for the left-wing Washington Post.  He retained this position until the illness that would claim his life forced him into retirement in August of 2017.

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One response to “Charles Krauthammer, by Jack Kerwick

  1. Yes Bob, he was, in the context of metaphysical/epistemological/moral/political rigor, indeed a Statist. Just as are/were all the other inconsistent advocates of freedom. How in hell does floundering/flailing about in the context of such wide abstractions move the ball of freedom toward the goal line?

    Krauthammer was an intellectual giant and an extremely charismatic figure. His influence was far more profound than the author of this article will likely ever become.

    The author reminds me of Rand and her scathing critique of Barry Goldwater – which was, of course, entirely correct. However, does anyone with a pulse NOT believe our country would have been far better off – with a vastly different course we have since traveled, had instead of Johnson winning in 64, Goldwater had prevailed?

    STOP rearranging deck chairs on board the Titanic!!!


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