Sovereignty, Singapore, and the Road to Peace, by Justin Raimondo

The US ruling class is putting together a first-class losing streak. From Justin Raimondo at

Life in “interesting times” – a curse or an opportunity?

A lot of the confusion and anger exhibited by the political class – still in shock over Hillary Clinton’s defeat – is due to their inability to accept the pace and character of change. Our Korea “experts” are universally naysaying the Singapore summit not only because they hate Trump to a man (and woman!), but because they are generals fighting the last war – the cold war, that is.

Long after the fall of the Soviet empire, and the semi-formal rejection of Marxist-Leninist dogma by most of the Communist parties of the world, including – in practice – the Chinese, the assumptions that shaped the cold war universe are still canonical in Washington, D.C. The reason for this is that human beings are creatures of habit: and they’re lazy. Rather than recognize a new reality and adapt, most would rather just continue the same old routine. It’s easier, at least in the short term….

Reality eventually catches up with those who choose to ignore it, however, and that’s when that old Chinese saying – or it is a curse? – “May you live in interesting times” takes on new meaning.

We are living in just such a time, with the blowback from decades of errors, miscalculations, and outright crimes coming to visit their vengeance on our political class: unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer along with them. The difference, however, is that ordinary people have more of an inkling of what’s going on than the pundits and other professional prognosticators who litter the public discourse.

To start with the most obvious example: the media, the pollsters, the Professor Know-it-alls, the Washington mandarins, the oligarchs who are now called the “donor class” – all missed the momentum and meaning of Donald J. Trump. More than a year later, they still don’t know what hit them, and so they’ve had to invent a conspiracy theory involving Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange, and presumably Trump himself to “steal” the election from the one who was entitled to win, even if she did not in fact win. As “Russia-gate” crumbles into dust, along with the influence of the Clintons even on their own party, Hillary’s list of blameworthy villains gets longer, and her paladins on Twitter keep the faith alive. However, nobody is listening anymore. As that old Clintonian pep rally song put it: “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow!”

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