As World Rejoices Over Rescue of Thai Boys, Yemen’s Kids Are Forgotten, by Whitney Webb

Imagine if there had been 5,000 kids trapped in the cave in Thailand, and they had all died. That’s pretty much the reality in Yemen, to which the world pays a fraction of the attention it paid to the Thai soccer team. From Whitney Webb at

Thanks to a major international effort, a Thai youth soccer team has been successfully rescued from the cave where it has been trapped for nearly 15 days. The boys’ plight and the efforts to rescue them have captured the world’s attention for several days, dominating news headlines throughout much of the world. Ultimately, most of the boys were rescued thanks in large part to an international collaboration as divers from several countries united to save them. Indeed, the rescue team was composed of five foreign divers paired with five Thai Navy SEALs as well as a team of 70 support divers, 50 of whom were from other nations.

The successful rescue of the Thai youth team undoubtedly stands as a testament to how international collaboration stemming from international awareness – thanks in part to in-depth news coverage – can overcome impossible odds to save the lives of children and others in need. Yet, while the now-rescued Thai youth recover out of harm’s way, children elsewhere whose lives are also in danger cannot expect similar treatment.

This is particularly true for the tens of thousands of Yemeni children facing death from starvation, a preventable cholera outbreak, and a daily barrage of airstrikes among other threats posed by a Saudi-led war on the country. These children’s lives have become reduced to a grueling fight for survival as the Saudi-led coalition’s fight to dislodge the Houthi Ansar Allah government from power continues to target Yemen’s civilians in the most unconscionable of ways. Indeed, total war has been the coalition’s modus operandi since the conflict began in 2015 and the heavy toll it has exacted is clear.

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