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The ‘Resistance’ Supports Trump’s Evil Agendas While Attacking Fake Nonsense, by Caitlin Johnstone

Trump’s enemies are seeking his impeachment for whatever they can hang on him, but they won’t go after him for travesties like Yemen and the defense budget that they support. From Caitlin Johnstone at theantimedia.com:

new article from the Wall Street Journal reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lied to congress about the measures Saudi Arabia is taking to minimize the civilian casualties in its catastrophic war on Yemen, and that he did so in order to secure two billion dollars for war profiteers.

This is about as depraved as anything you could possibly imagine. US-made bombs have been conclusively tied to civilian deaths in a war which has caused the single worst humanitarian crisis on earth, a crisis which sees scores of Yemeni children dying every single day and has placed five million children at risk of death by starvation in a nation where families are now eating leaves to survive. CIA veteran Bruce Riedel once said that “if the United States of America and the United Kingdom tonight told King Salman that this war has to end, it would end tomorrow, because the Royal Saudi Airforce cannot operate without American and British support.” Nobody other than war plutocrats benefits from the US assisting Saudi Arabia in its monstrous crimes against humanity, and yet Pompeo chose to override his own expert advisors on the matter for fear of hurting the income of those very war plutocrats.

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Leaked Memo Shows US Overlooked Mass Civilian Deaths In Yemen To Preserve Arms Sales, by Tyler Durden

Mike Pompeo is overlooking Saudi Arabian atrocities in Yemen to preserve $2 billion in arms sales for Raytheon. Let’s hope he at least gets a seat on the company’s board of directors when he leaves “public service.” From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

On rare occasion a story is unearthed in the mainstream media which demonstrates in stunning clarity how major foreign policy decisions are really made in Washington, especially when it comes to waging perpetual war in the Middle East often under the official rhetorical guise of “protecting civilians”.

A bombshell Wall Street Journal report details a leaked classified memo which shows Secretary of State Mike Pompeo decided to continue US military involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen in order to preserve a massive $2 billion weapons deal with Riyadh.

Human Rights Watch 2016 report: Saudi Arabia Uses US-Made Cluster Bombs and Guided Missiles in Yemen.

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Bombing Yemeni School Children for Profit, by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies

Here’s what’s behind the “phenomenal” run in US defense stocks. From Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies at antiwar.com:

Unfortunately, killing and maiming civilians with US weapons is a regular occurrence

As if the horrific Saudi bombing of a Yemeni school bus that killed 44 children on August 9, 2018 wasn’t bad enough, CNN reported that the bomb used in the attack was manufactured by Lockheed Martin, one of the major U.S. defense contractors. Nima Elbagir, reporting for CNN’s Situation Room, showed a map of Yemen pinpointing several other attacks where large numbers of civilians have been killed by bombs from not only Lockheed Martin, but also General Dynamics and Raytheon. It was a rare moment when a mainstream US media outlet made the connection between US weapons and the devastation they wreak.

The footage of the Yemen attack is heartbreaking, showing bloodied and screaming children (the ‘fortunate’ survivors) still wearing their blue backpacks. A global outcry for the Saudis to stop bombing civilians and for the US to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia arose immediately. Continue reading

‘Informational Crime’: Saudi Arabia Threatens 5 Years in Prison, $800K Fine for Posting Satire, by Anti Media

Before you know it, Saudi Arabia will be a full-fledged democracy with a full-fledged Bill of Rights. From theantimedia.org:

(ANTIMEDIA) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — The Saudi government announced this week it is further criminalizing dissent, deeming satire that “disturbs the public order” a crime in what amounts to an escalation of already existing practices despite recent claims the Kingdom has entered an age of reformation.

The government’s Public Prosecution tweeted Monday that using social media to commit an “informational crime” that “affects public order, religious values and public morals” will be punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of three million riyals, roughly $800,000.

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No More Forgotten Wars: End US Support for Saudi Coalition War Crimes in Yemen, by Jared Keyel

The US military involvement in Yemen violates its own war crimes laws. From Jared Kayel at antiwar.com:

If the US were to follow the rules of warfare written into US military law and treaties to which the US is a party, the US must immediately end its support for the Saudi Arabia-led war in Yemen. We should also marshal all of its diplomatic tools to end the conflict. Since 2015, Saudi Arabia, and allies such as the United Arab Emirates, have been waging a devastating war in support of the former government of Yemen against the current Houthi regime. Amnesty International has called the conflict a “forgotten war” because its deadly consequences have failed to rise to the level of international crisis in media or government agendas. However, under former President Barack Obama and now Donald Trump, the US has been complicit in war crimes and the creation of a completely preventable humanitarian nightmare for the people of Yemen.

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New York Times Finally Admits US Aiding Saudi War Crimes in Yemen, by Middle East Monitor

Somebody flipped a switch and the mainstream media is finally covering the horror in Yemen…after three years. From Middle East Monitor at theantimedia.org:

US assistance to the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen has amounted to killing innocent Yemeni civilians, the New York Times argued in its newspaper.

The op-ed piece cited reports by the UN and international watchdog Human Rights Watch, which said the Saudi coalition is responsible for war crimes in Yemen.

The report also emphasised the role of the US is not only selling weapons to the coalition but also providing military assistance.

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Trump’s Signing of the 2019 NDAA Will Lead to More Dead Children in Yemen, by Derrick Broze

The NDAA will lead to more dead children wherever the US chooses to manifest its military presence. From Derrick Broze at thantimedia.org:

Donald Trump recently made it clear he will not accept any limitations on the U.S. military’s logistical support of the war in Yemen.

On August 13, Donald Trump did what every president does, every single year, without question – he signed the annual military budget bill, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019. Some readers may recall that since 2011, the NDAA has included a provision which allows for indefinite detention of American citizens without a right to trial. Many of you may remember that President Obama had no problem signing the NDAA 2012 in 2011, which legalized the indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of ties to terrorism. The indefinite detention provision is still contained in the NDAA, and has been approved by Congress every year since it first passed.

Donald Trump continued this trend by signing the NDAA 2019. However, Trump made it clear that there were certain provisions in this year’s bill that he would not abide by. “In a 15-pagesigning statement issued Monday night, President Trump revealed that he intends to ignore many of the myriad provisions of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the $716 billion military spending bill,” Anti-War.com reports.

Trump explicitly says he will not follow provisions which he believes get in the way of certain “military missions” or are not consistent with his “constitutional authority as Commander in Chief.” Trump also says he will not provide more information on civilian casualties from overseas conflicts because, apparently, the military should not have to share too much information with Congress. Trump also opposes a ban on military cooperation with Russia and a call for the creation of a White House position to investigate election meddling.

Finally, Trump seemed to suggest he would not allow any limits on the Yemen War and would oppose the idea of providing an assessment on possible war crimes to congress. Despite the fact that most of the American public and the corporate media had never heard of the “civil war” in Yemen until actor Jim Carrey drew a picture of a school bus full of children being bombed, the conflict has raged since 2015. According to the corporate media, the conflict is a traditional civil war between different political factions in the nation, but deeper research indicates that this is another attempt at regime change by Saudi Arabia and western forces. However, that is a story for another day.

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