Russia, Insanity and the Treason that Wasn’t, by Tom Luongo

The people screaming treason after Helsinki have proven only that they are insane. From Tom Luongo at

It’s become clear to me U.S. politics is reaching a breaking point.  The level of hysteria over Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin is wholly disproportionate to what actually occurred.

Putin declared the Cold War over.  Pat Buchanan agrees and so do I.  For as much grief as I give Donald Trump for his many missteps in foreign policy, his going to first Singapore and then Helsinki in the service of peace and better relations is more than commendable.

It was necessary.

Donald Trump may not be the President many of us wanted.

But, like it or not, he is both the president we have and the one we deserve.  Our politics have been on a collision course with the bottom of the cesspit since 9/11.

We have bathed in the waters of “the archipelago of War Party think tanks beavering away inside the Beltway,” as Buchanan put it in his recent article, and come out stinking like either liberal interventionists or neoconservatives.

Or do I repeat myself.

Both are in service of a greatly-expanded Deep State and corrupted political and financial class that is the height of what Sam Francis termed “Anarcho-Tyranny.”  Lawlessness for those with power and both ends of the truncheon for those without.

The net result is a corporate media that is the very definition of fascism. I’m talkin Mussolini here, not the meaningless pablum of the frothing Twitterati of Soros’ and Brock’s “Resistance.”

Just take the phrase “All within the State, nothing outside the State” and replace ” the State” with “our State of Insanity,” and you’ve got it nailed.

As I wrote recently for Strategic Culture Foundation:

“Trump’s opponents both from members of the Deep State and media as well as those citizens supporting ‘The Resistance’ are so unhinged they have become indistinguishable from Colonel Jack T. Ripper from Dr. Strangelove.

I swear I saw a tweet from Obama Administration CIA Director John Brennan discussing bodily fluids, but I may have misread it.

They have nurtured their own angst and denial at having lost an election and erected a bogeyman in Vladimir Putin as the only way in which the disgusting Trump could possibly have won.”

Given the best these people can do is hang Trump with the term ‘traitor’ so casually is prima facia evidence of 1) their desperation and 2) their insanity.  Trump cannot be a traitor for going out and executing one of the main functions of the President, meeting with foreign leaders.

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One response to “Russia, Insanity and the Treason that Wasn’t, by Tom Luongo

  1. ” The problem is that now, after all this time, there is no credible argument against Trump. And every day those crying ‘treason’ are doing so to a smaller and smaller echo chamber.”

    Zero Hedge posted a Gallup Poll showing that probably less than 1% of Americans think much of/about the “situation with Russia”.

    My guess is that Dems-DOJ-FBI are hoping that the Republicans loose the house vote and then Trump can be impeached for “treason” and/or some other nonsense to get to 2020.


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