Know a Man by Knowing his Enemies, by Eric Peters

Rand Paul pisses a lot of the right people off. From Eric Peters at

Like his father Ron, Senator Rand Paul has earned the right kind of enemies.

Ironically, many of them happen to be Republicans – the ones who cannot abide Paul’s principled defense of liberty – because it often conflicts with the business (and power) of these inside-the-Beltway apparatchiks.

Just as they tried to marginalize the elder Paul – some will recall the despicable treatment meted out to this gentle and decent man during the 2012 presidential primary by his fellow Republicans – so also the long knives are now glinting in the moonlight for his son.

The younger Paul is coming under fire for supporting the nomination to the Supreme Court of Brett Kavanaugh by President Trump.

But why would Paul be attacked for supporting the president’s nominee?

Kavanaugh’s nomination apparently worries Swamp Thing Republicans because he may be in favor not merely of “replacing” Obamacare with some other government-run program but of repealing it outright – something establishment GOP’ers such as Mitt Romney as one for-instance very much oppose.

Romney and others of his bent support government-run (and government-mandated) “health care.” They just prefer your are forced to submit to their “plan” rather than a plan crafted by Democrats.

A difference without much distinction – like the establishment Republicans themselves and the reason for their repudiation by the voters.

Kavanaugh could also be the vote which returns to the states – and thus, one step closer to the people – the power to decide whether taxpayers should be forced to fund abortions (as distinct from the deceitful argument peddled by the “choice” crowd that Kavanaugh is champing at the bit to outlaw abortion).

Heaven forbid the people ever get to decide anything!

The Swamp Thing Republicans may prefer someone more like the agreeable Chief Justice John Roberts – who somehow found Obamacare – the Affordable Care Act – “constitutional” and even empowered the IRS to apply a tax as punishment for failing to purchase health insurance.

This breathtaking expansion of federal power has already been undermined by President Trump, who rescinded the so-called “individual mandate.” But the real threat is a Supreme Court reversal of the constitutionality of the ACA – and that could very well happen if Brett Kavanaugh becomes Justice Kavanaugh.

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