Trump’s Signing of the 2019 NDAA Will Lead to More Dead Children in Yemen, by Derrick Broze

The NDAA will lead to more dead children wherever the US chooses to manifest its military presence. From Derrick Broze at

Donald Trump recently made it clear he will not accept any limitations on the U.S. military’s logistical support of the war in Yemen.

On August 13, Donald Trump did what every president does, every single year, without question – he signed the annual military budget bill, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019. Some readers may recall that since 2011, the NDAA has included a provision which allows for indefinite detention of American citizens without a right to trial. Many of you may remember that President Obama had no problem signing the NDAA 2012 in 2011, which legalized the indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of ties to terrorism. The indefinite detention provision is still contained in the NDAA, and has been approved by Congress every year since it first passed.

Donald Trump continued this trend by signing the NDAA 2019. However, Trump made it clear that there were certain provisions in this year’s bill that he would not abide by. “In a 15-pagesigning statement issued Monday night, President Trump revealed that he intends to ignore many of the myriad provisions of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the $716 billion military spending bill,” reports.

Trump explicitly says he will not follow provisions which he believes get in the way of certain “military missions” or are not consistent with his “constitutional authority as Commander in Chief.” Trump also says he will not provide more information on civilian casualties from overseas conflicts because, apparently, the military should not have to share too much information with Congress. Trump also opposes a ban on military cooperation with Russia and a call for the creation of a White House position to investigate election meddling.

Finally, Trump seemed to suggest he would not allow any limits on the Yemen War and would oppose the idea of providing an assessment on possible war crimes to congress. Despite the fact that most of the American public and the corporate media had never heard of the “civil war” in Yemen until actor Jim Carrey drew a picture of a school bus full of children being bombed, the conflict has raged since 2015. According to the corporate media, the conflict is a traditional civil war between different political factions in the nation, but deeper research indicates that this is another attempt at regime change by Saudi Arabia and western forces. However, that is a story for another day.

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