The Deceit of “The Steady State”, by Allan Stevo

It is good to know that wise Deep Staters are protecting us from the “depredations” of the man we elected to take on the Deep State. From Allan Stevo at

September 5, 2018, the New York Times ran an anonymous op-ed from “a senior White House official,” in which he criticizes Trump as being “anti-democratic.” The senior official goes on to hypocritically explain how he secretly works each day to undermine the duly elected President of the United States.

One such example, according to the anonymous author, is how the deep state saboteurs in the White House successfully provoke aggression with Moscow in order to “frustrate” Trump’s attempt to de-escalate with both Russia and North Korea, long derided targets of neo-con enmity.

Why hasn’t Trump been able to de-escalate tension with Russia as much as he’s wanted to? Because, according to this anonymous deep state bureaucrat, “his national security team knew better” than to allow him to de-escalate.

The American people chose Trump to change Washington and this unelected, anonymous bureaucrat has decided to stop that and publicly admits to preventing that. The reformist Brexiters of the U.K. are experiencing the same strife. Voters speak with a mandate in a clean election, exactly the style of election that the bureaucrats insist be held in these countries and throughout the world, the type of elections that they insist wars must be fought to implement, then balk at the results.

Obviously, the concept of elections is comfortable as long as the results produce what it is that the deep state wants. That concept is proven by the cowardly, anonymous opinion writer.

Though the New York Times piece received undeserved hype because it was from an anonymous White House official, the piece is largely par for the course from any mainstream opinions section. It is the standard deep state talking points, that the deep statists aren’t self-aware enough to recognize as embarrassing. On top of that, with a little panache, like a shifty cultural Marxist, the anonymous opinion writer played semantics in an attempt to justify his position:

“This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.”

An artful turn of phrase. The semantics cannot disguise the fact that a reform candidate was chosen to burn Washington and it’s corrupt institutions to the ground.

Naturally, those who are comfortable with business as usual won’t allow a reform candidate to do much of anything.

As if proud of his deceit – deceit being a characteristic that most segments of humanity do not consider a quality – the anonymous writer explains how he has helped reduce the potency of the Trump presidency, bragging in the New York Times of how the neo-con bureaucrats have turned Trump’s presidency into “a two-track presidency,” where Trump demands a peaceful foreign policy and the deep statists push forward a belligerent foreign policy against the President’s will and behind the President’s back.

The anonymous writer of the piece sounds surprisingly numb to the treason of this idea. It’s surprisingly arrogant that the anonymous author would publicly profess that the only appropriate foreign policy is a threatening and violent foreign policy dictated by “stable” members of the deep state. It’s surprisingly arrogant of him to claim that a peaceful foreign policy that comes from Trump is wrong, because the bureaucrat claims it comes from someone with “bad inclinations,” or “not moored to any discernible first principles,” or “anti-democratic,” or “impulsive,” or “reckless.”

It’s as if the anti-Trumpers (once known as “never-Trumpers”) have learned nothing since his June 16, 2015 campaign announcement at Trump Tower, for the anti-Trumper behavior all looks so repetitive, even duplicative. Can anyone really expect different results when doing the same thing over and again?

There’s nothing that seems to prove the need for Trump more than the deep state pouting and shouting over him. There’s no better campaign advertisement for Trump than watching the most disconnected, disgusting bureaucrats get upset over him. Anyone that upsets these people is doing something right, because at the very least such a president renders them unable to create their usual mischief.

By the end of the anonymous piece, the critical reader is left wondering if the New York Times got trolled. It almost seems impossible to the thoughtful and circumspect reader that someone could possibly be so out of touch to actually believe these deep statist talking points enough to want to commit them to an opinion piece in public. Because, though it is presently anonymous, eventually the identity of the author will come to light.

Washington is at no loss for people who will explain away why the 2016 election should be considered null, but don’t have the courage to nullify it. In our system, one nullifies an election through impeachment or assassination.

And those are both threateningly hinted at in this anonymous op-ed:

“So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over.”

It’s hinted at with such cowardice.

Normally, a free person would encourage the subversion of a president. Presidents are virtually all vile tyrants who figure out all manner of treachery to further deny us our rights. Opposition to a president is part of our heritage. Our feisty third president even wrote in a letter in 1787, albeit long before he became president, and a tyrant of his day: “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.” Subversion of a president is often honorable.

In an era where cultural Marxism, political correctness, and the anti-thought police seem to have infected every corner of life – school, home, work, church, sports, media, culture – the presidency has become especially worthy of derision by bowing to these harmful tendencies.

And then, somehow, by some miracle, after the 2016 election, we ended up with a president who is not only the most anti-Marxist, anti-political correctness, free speech warrior America could have imagined in these dark hours of extreme leftism, but we also ended up with a president who daily acts to undermine the deep state and shake loose the deep state’s hold on this country and globe.

He’s imperfect. But he’s been pretty amazing at upsetting all the right people. He even keeps the most well prepared of the slithering courtiers off balance with his “off topic,” “impulsive,” antics.

The extreme leftists who manipulate the levers of power fancy themselves bold revolutionaries, in a similar vein, the deep statists fancy themselves silent subversives.

Trump is the counter-revolution.

Yes, he’s a loose cannon, untied, rolling mightily and unpredictably around the deck of this ship in a terrible storm. You don’t know what he will destroy in his path. You don’t know who he will destroy. And that’s okay. In fact, a lot of Americans want the whole ship destroyed, and rebuilt differently, and all the officers permanently removed – the more, the better. That’s one path to greater freedom. They chose Trump because they wanted D.C. to turn into a figment of the corrupt state we knew, to turn into something unrecognizable, because moderation doesn’t work against these extremists.

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