The Inscrutable God, by Eric Peters

Google punishes Eric Peters, but doesn’t say why. From Peters at

Been there, done that. Eric will be losing all his Google Adsense revenue shortly.

I get periodic emails from Goo-guhl, the deity who lords over the online universe. He is – apparently – angered by something I’ve posted on my web site. He threatens repercussions, as vengeful deities tend to do.

But I have no idea why Goo-guhl is angered.

He merely tells me that he is

“New violations were detected,” I am advised. “As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the Adsense Program Policies were found.”

I am am further advised that I may “resolve” these issues if I ” . . . remove the violating content and request a review or remove the ad code from the violating pages.” 

But the deity dose not deign to tell me what the “issues” are.

Which leaves me in a conundrum as regards how to “resolve” them.

I find myself in the position of a savage supplicating before an online totem pole or digital Htzlopochtli. How many hearts must I cut out of the chests of sacrificial victims with my obsidian dagger? Htzlopochli is mute.

But, polite.

The deity has the effrontery to send his (its?) “kind regards.”


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