The Smoke Signals Say It’ll Be Trump Vs. Warren, by Kurt Schlichter

Warren increasingly resembles the smart money bet for the Democratic nomination. She ticks most of the right boxes, including liberal policy totems. And speaking of totems, there’s her Native American lineage. From Kurt Schlichter at

Elizabeth Warren is on the way to securing the Democrat nomination, and the ensuing general election battle will be a re-run of Little Bighorn except, ironically, Sitting Bolshevik will be Custer. Trump’s going to drag her kicking and screaming and nagging, always nagging, down the trail of tears until that glorious November night when Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and maybe Minnesota all express their reservations over sending this tiresome scold to the White Wigwam in Washington.

Oh, are you a True Conservative™ who gets the sadz at this Mohican mockery? Too bad, you sissy submissives – you have not seen the last of it. Not by a long shot. We battlecons are never going to get tired of rubbing her cheesy ethnic appropriation in her pale face, nor will Donald Trump. Soon Not-Senile Joe will be out of the way – and yeah, rickety polling aside, in part thanks to Trump’s Ukrainian briar-patch play Hairplug One is headed for the unhappy hunting grounds. And once he’s gone, the Bad Orange Man is going to start pounding Hackagawea and he’s not gonna stop until he’s secured four more years.

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