Avoid Vipers’ Nests, by William Gudal

The US goes around poking vipers’ nests, then complains when the vipers strike. From SLL reader William Gudal:

The United States has been poking, prodding and punching Iran ever since 1953 when Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA and Britain overthrew the government of Iran and installed and then financed and supported one of the most brutally repressive, police state, jackbooted governments ever. If the people of Iran were a little upset in 1979, well you can only wonder.

The United States, implementing its guiding policy of “exceptionalism” inaugurated its quest for empire in 1898 when it acquired and colonized Cuba (puppet government), Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines (million dead). Since then there has existed almost no restraint on the U.S. thirst for power and control. The list is almost endless.  The central guiding foreign policy objective of the United States is to install U.S. controlled puppet governments whenever and wherever it can. When it meets resistance, it gets angry, to wit: Iraq, Libya, Panama, Afghanistan.

The U.S. has had its beady eye on Iran for over 70 years. Britain began ogling Iran early in the twentieth century, for geopolitical, economic (world’s 2nd largest non-sand oil reserves) and geographic reasons. The U.S. adamantly seeks to deny Iran its naturally significant role in its sphere of the world. Like the United States, Iran has what the U.S. calls its “significant interests”. Apparently the U.S. is entitled to its significant interests and “security” concerns, but others are not. It’s a one way street.

Iran is a large country with a large population. It has an ancient history. Ever hear of the Persian Empire which stretched from Greece to Egypt to India? It has a well-educated citizenry. Its economy has been squeezed dry by U.S. economic sanctions which until recently would have been equated with a declaration of war.

A military officer vising a neighboring country is mutilated by a drone from a country located 5000 miles away. Who granted the approval to take this life? Who has the right to take this life? This can only be described as insanity. The world has truly lost its mind. The best U.S. policy would be to let Iran alone. But the military industrial complex must be thrown its red meat. The U.S. economy is almost entirely dependent on war or preparation for war, at least at the  critical margin. Moreover, it’s time to rally around the leader in time of the November election. We worry about the Middle East yet the U.S. southern border is wide open to any evil which comes this way. Madness.

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