Diaper Report 7/25/20, by Eric Peters

Not everyone has joined the face diapering cult. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

The Boogie Man’s power lies in the fear of him, not his actuality.

Diaper Decrees operate on the same principle. If you don’t believe in them, their puissance disappears.

I just walked into the coffee shop I swing by almost every day – right past the Boogie Man sign insisting I put on a Diaper before I dare to. Unlike the Boogie Man – who didn’t get me – I got my cup of coffee.

And a cookie, too.

The same at my local Kroger – where, as I relayed in a previous Diaper Report, there is signage but nothing particularly puissant. If you’re willing to stand up to a sign, you can still shop at many of the stores that have “mandated” Diapering. Just walk in and do so, sans the Diaper.

But not everywhere.

A friend called to let me know about another store (the Roanoke co-op) that sicced a Diaperer on him.

The really sick thing about this is that the person who chased him around with a Diaper is someone my friend has known for years – like my dentist (now ex-dentist) knew me for years and knew I wasn’t sick – having taken my temperature and thus established objectively that I had no fever and so couldn’t get anyone sick, not being contagious – but excommunicated me nonetheless from his practice for refusing to don the Diaper.

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