‘Go woke, go broke’ comes to A&E, by Andrea Widburg

Wonder how many people will be watching ‘woke’ professional sports this year. From Andrea Widburg at americanthinker.com:

When the Marxist mob used George Floyd’s death as an excuse to ramp up its ongoing war on policing, A&E instantly caved.  That proved to be a costly decision.  News broke Friday that the cable network has lost almost 50% of its viewers.

When it was founded back in 1984, the  Arts & Entertainment Network was going to be a highbrow cable show, focusing on fine arts, documentaries, and dramas, many imported from Britain.  A generation of women remembers being introduced to Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in A&E’s Pride and Prejudice.  This highbrow fare, though, wasn’t bringing in revenue.  By 2002, the station had shifted to reality series for younger viewers.

In 2016, A&E created Live PD.  The show follows police departments across America, and audiences loved it.  According to Wikipedia:

In 2018, a survey by Inscape found Live PD to be the most-watched program among non-live (DVR and VOD) and over-the-top viewers in 2018. The series was credited with having reversed a decline in viewership experienced by A&E since the end of Duck Dynasty; Live PD was among the most-watched programs on cable television. [Footnotes and hyperlinks omitted.]

Indeed, Live PD was frequently the most watched cable program on both Friday and Saturday nights.

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