Dispatches from the War: give peace a chance, or give the surreal a chance? by Jon Rappoport

If you predicted 8 months ago that the coranavirus outbreak and the response to it would happen, people would have thought you were insane. From Jon Rappoport at nomorefakenews.com:

Salvador Dali, 1935: “Surrealism in its first period offered specific methods for approaching the images of concrete irrationality. These methods, based on the exclusively passive and receptive role of the surrealist subject, are now in liquidation and giving place to new surrealist methods of systematic exploration of the irrational.”

For example, a worldwide pandemic based on a virus no one discovered.

by Jon Rappoport

August 7, 2020

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I’m all for peace, but against forced pacification. I also favor reporting on the surreal when it’s all around us.

Rioters burning buildings while wearing masks. Which masks? Anti-COVID or anti-identification? And if an obedient pod person wearing a bandana over his face wandering the empty streets of New York suddenly overflows with some unnamed impulse and throws a garbage can through a plate glass window, can he be doubly prosecuted for concealing his identity? Or is his sentence mitigated because he was following the governor’s mask directive?

I understand why people are wearing masks, but WHY ARE THEY WEARING THEM, if you catch my drift. Especially, when you’re in a store and they’re all around you in the flesh. WHAT IS THIS? A fashion show? A new kind of Pride parade? Are they all having the same hallucination?

“Excuse me, sir (speaking to the store manager), but what’s with all the…you know…”

“It’s the germ. We’re afraid of the germ.”

“You mean one of those tiny things, of which there are maybe a hundred trillion, already in your body?”


I know about fear of dragons, snakes, quicksand, even the odd ghost in a closet, a bear in the woods, Hillary Clinton grinning like she just shot a full load of meth striding out on to the stage of the Democratic National Convention and telling the roaring crowd Joe Biden had to withdraw for health reasons…

These fears I understand. But a germ?

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