In Lieu Of Convention, Republicans Just Broadcast Footage Of Riots In Democrat-Controlled Cities For 3 Hours

From The Babylon Bee:

CHARLOTTE, NC—Republicans had a big, festive convention planned for this week but canceled it at the last minute, opting instead to broadcast footage of riots in Democrat-controlled cities for nearly 3 hours.

Republicans simply aired videos of burning homes and businesses and leftists throwing bricks through windows on Democrats’ watch for hours on end.

“It’s a far more effective strategy than if we were to get up there, open our mouths, and talk,” said an RNC spokesperson. “This is far more effective than any ad campaign or convention programming we could have come up with. We just let people see what happens when Democrats decide to let their followers run amok blowing stuff up and screaming at people.”

Democrats, for their part, admit they have been outplayed, and say they wish they would have just broadcast footage of Trump talking for four days.

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