Why Diapers Are Dangerous, by Eric Peters

The medical benefits and dangers of face diapers are debatable, but one psychological effect has become clear: they turn people into submissive sheep. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

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The Diapers by themselves are loathsome. People wearing them look like neurotics – the same neurotics. Diapers efface individuality. They turn people into NPC characters in a sick actual reality game.

They are alienating, unhealthy – medically and psychologically.

But they are more than merely Diapers – as ought to be apparent.

Given that there is no persuasive medical reason to wear a Face Diaper (much less a dirty bandana) the obvious conclusion is that the insistence on covering the face is to efface the face. To submerge the individual into a collective of faceless, interchangeable players who have surrendered their individuality for the sake of obedience

Diapers are training tools.

They are meant to habituate people to the “new normal” – which will include management by the corporate-government nexus to a degree we probably can’t yet fully comprehend. Diaper acceptance will lead to Needling acceptance, which will not even require laws.

All that it will take is policies – as per Diapers.

The same corporations which deny service to the Undiapered will deny service – and employment – to those who refuse the vaccine. People who don’t submit will simply be excluded, as now. No job, no shop. Perhaps no food. They will be herded onto reservations of a sort – i.e., their homes, which they won’t be allowed to leave or rather which there will be no point in leaving since there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do.

The corporate-government nexus will wait you out – perhaps starve you out.

It will be almost impossible to resist unless you go Amish. Those who aren’t able to live on virtually no income,  who can produce their own food, etc. will be the only holdouts.

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