Governor Newsom Claims Rolling Blackouts Are To Show Support For Black Lives Matter

From the Babylon Bee

SACRAMENTO, CA—In a powerful statement to support the BLM movement, Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered rolling blackouts across the state. The beautiful, powerful message will turn the entire state black: a political statement that can be seen from space.

While many thought the blackouts were due to poor planning and unrealistic green energy requirements, Newsom clarified that he ordered the blackouts as a powerful display supporting BLM.

“Some people post black squares on their Instagram accounts — we’re taking it a step further and turning the whole state completely black,” Newsom said of the rolling blackouts hitting the state. “If you don’t turn off power to your citizens on the hottest day of the year, do you really care about social justice?” Silence ensued. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place as the gathered journalists contemplated their internalized white supremacy. “I didn’t think so.”

Newsom clarified that his own house and winery will remain lit so as to be a “shining beacon in the darkness, a reminder that we can all aspire to do better.”

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