While We Were Distracted: The World “Roll Up Your Sleeve” Congress, by Mary Christine

An account of a little-covered but terribly important event—The World Vaccine Congress. From Mary Christine at theburningplatform.com:

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” – President Ronald Reagan

The week began with a circus they called a presidential debate and ended with the President being shuttled to Walter Reed after testing positive with The Rona.

Meanwhile, a virtual conference was taking place in Washington, DC called the World Vaccine Congress. This was a 4-day brainstorming session with 300 speakers and thousands in attendance; which of course included representatives from several pharmaceutical companies, plus military personnel, HHS, other government agencies and NGO’s. Our favorite Dr. Shortstuff Fauci opened the meeting as one of the first keynote speakers. There is a second World Vaccine Congress – Europe beginning October 19.

Only one person with press credentials covered this extremely important meeting and reported on it. The Washington Post had a speaker there, but I have found no coverage, from The WAPO or any other media outlet yet. Much of what transpired there will eventually impact everyone in the world.

Recently, I began following WATB.tv.   Dr. June Knight is the lady behind WATB and when she announced that she was attending the conference so she could report on it I decided I would listen to her daily updates. If you go to her website, you will notice that she is a Christian. Her story of her journey to DC as a journalist who is given press credentials to the Whitehouse, and why she left to return to Tennessee is quite interesting, but not relevant to this subject matter.

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