Trump’s Momentum Is Back, from Kurt Schlichter

Better write Trump off, the polling arm of the mainstream media says Joe Biden has a double-digit lead…just like they said Clinton had a double-digit lead in 2016. From Kurt Schlichter at

Trump’s Momentum Is Back

A couple weeks ago, a lot of folks were channeling 1929 stockbrokers and crowding the ledges, poised to leap off into the void because the vibe was definitely that Donald Trump was finished. But you can’t take out the Jason Voorhees – and I mean that in the best possible way – of American politics. He keeps coming back to wreak his unholy vengeance, not upon sex-crazed teens but upon the garbage establishment.

Trump is back and this is a real race. I think we will win it.

Except all the polls are telling us Grandpa Badfinger is up +37, right? Weird how four years ago right now, we were hearing the exact same thing. Ignore the spinners who are solemnly informing you that your lying eyes are lying again and the 2016 polls were akshually very accurate. Baloney. A key component of effective gaslighting is plausibility, and I was there. You were there. All we heard in 2016 was how Trump was going down to a landslide defeat. Instead, everyone in the smart set got blindsided by the Trump Train.

And it can happen again.

Now, it doesn’t have to happen again. Nothing is written, and we have to fight for our victory. There are a lot of stupid people around – my district regularly re-e-elects Ted Lieu – and Oldfinger could build a Coalition of the Drooling to put him in the White House. But I think the Trump lightning will strike again.

Remember, the polls are the only data point in Biden’s favor. The only one. And as we have seen they screwed up last time and their proponents have an interest in them being bad for Trump.

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