The Awakening, by the Zman

The suppression of the Hunter Biden email story is one more Jenga block removed in the tottering tower known as the average American’s trust in government and its media henchpeople. From the Zman at the

When Finnish nationalists get together every year to socialize and organize, they call their event The Awakening. It is a great term for them to use as it has multiple meanings in this context. One is the obvious awakening among Finns of their long dormant nation pride and identity. The other is the growing awareness of what globalism and multiculturalism means to them as a people. It can also mean the growing awareness of liberal democracy and what it is doing to the people.

The image of a man waking up or snapping out of a daze is a good one to use for all Western people, especially Americans. In the provinces of the Empire, there has always been a bit of skepticism about America, so they never fully succumbed to the narcotic effects of the American empire. In the heart of the empire, the combination of American mythology, civic nationalism and patriotic nostalgia have kept most Americans in a narcotic fog, unable to fully grasp what is happening to them.

There’s also a very American aspect to this concept. The Great Awakening is a cycle in American culture that dates to the founding. A mostly northern phenomenon, these periodic spasms of moral and civic reform have defined our politics. The ruling class may have abandoned Christianity generations ago, but the people are still controlled by those same biorhythms. Therefore, Americans are still prone to periods of excessive moralizing about the fallen state of society.

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2 responses to “The Awakening, by the Zman

  1. “The media claiming this Hunter Biden story is Russian propaganda is like a bucket of ice water on the heads of many people. The outlandish dishonesty at work here cannot be explained as mere partisanship.”
    This attempt at a “Russia propaganda” explanation for the HBiden story should be the death knell for “it’s the Russians” ,but it probably won’t be.


    • They’ll keep using the Russians, but fewer and fewer people outside the mainstream media are going to even pretend to believe it.


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