PREDICTION: Joe Biden Would Manage COVID-19 in One of Two Ways — Both Should Infuriate You, by Stacey Lennox

The thought of Joe Biden managing anything more complicated than his morning bowl of oatmeal is both infuriating and amusing. Whatever a President Biden would do about Covid-19 would be inept. From Stacey Lennox at

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
Joe Biden has made President Trump’s handling of COVID-19 one of his central arguments for electing him on November 3. Since March, I have followed the research and dissenting medical experts while I watched Dr. Fauci and the public health bureaucracy ignore anyone not willing to push the preferred narrative. I find this infuriating, to put it mildly.

However, there are only two courses of action for how Sleepy Joe will handle the pandemic if he wins. One will make you think he is doing a great job—unless you know better. The other will start us down a path to crush our freedom. So, come back to this column if the worst of all possible outcomes becomes reality.
The COVID-19 “Casedemic”

The first one I will call solving the “casedemic.” This is the elevated number of cases we see nationwide because of a flaw in the PCR test. The number of times the sample is amplified, also called the cycle threshold (Ct), is too high. It identifies people who do not have a viral load capable of making them ill or transmitting the disease to someone else as positive for COVID-19.

The New York Times reported this flaw on August 29 and said that in the samples they reviewed from three states where labs use a Ct of 37-40, up to 90% of tests are essentially false positives. The experts in that article said a Ct of around 30 would be more appropriate for indicating that someone could be contagious—those for whom contact tracing would make sense.

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