You Shall Comply – Or Else, from the State of California

No, this is not from The Onion or The Babylon Bee. From theburningplatform:


2 responses to “You Shall Comply – Or Else, from the State of California

  1. I will not comply, and you better send more than 10 of your gestapo to try and make me, bitch.


  2. Always refer back to the Libturd Bible – Rules for Radicals…

    The Abusive Public Servants have demanded and quantified in rules and regulations that parties, churches, religious observations, family gatherings are ALL VERBOTEN.

    However they have allowed different rules for other services AND especially services that honor demoncrats.

    So instead of having Thanksgiving Dinner with family, you announce:

    Sadly, We will be having a Funeral Service for our pet Turkey who was a lifelong demoncrat and showed how to consume the hard work of others while only producing senseless blather and loads of shit.
    We expect him to pass on or about the 25th of November with services for 30 to 3,000 the following day.

    Refreshments will be provided

    MSG Grumpy

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