The Future of Fox News and the Future of America, by Boyd Cathey

Fox News was going downhill for quite some time before the election fiasco. From Boyd Cathey at

It happened on Saturday morning, November 14, 2020, at around 8:15 EST. I had switched over to briefly catch some national news on the Fox News Channel. All of a sudden I heard—and saw—Pete Hegseth stop in the middle of the sentence he was reading from his teleprompter: “…there weren’t any substantiated cases of voter fraud in the swing states….” And there, as he spoke that line, he interjected: “I’m not sure I agree with that script on the teleprompter.”

Think of it: a major newscaster on a major television news network all of a sudden halting his narrative to publicly declare that he did not accept the party line—that he did not agree with what the news writers had set down authoritatively as gospel for him to say on camera.

And it was one more ominous piece of an unfolding drama—the evolving transformation of Fox—from the network that many conservatives and most Make America Great Again “deplorables” once may have thought was on their side, to something that seemed increasingly like only the slightly right wing of the Washington DC Establishment.

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One response to “The Future of Fox News and the Future of America, by Boyd Cathey

  1. murdoch’s sons now run the network. they are flaming liberals. that’s the cause of the change all are noting.


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