TIME Names Karen Person Of The Year

From The Babylon Bee

NEW YORK, NY—Time’s Person of the Year issue has highlighted some of the world’s most influential, important, and controversial figures for almost 100 years. After weeks of intense internal deliberation, Time Magazine has officially announced its Person of the Year: Karen. 

“Karen could be any of us. She could be all of us,” said Edward Felsenthal, Editor in Chief of Time. “For years, we have been under the watchful protection of everyday heroes who are dedicated to righting all wrongs, no matter how tiny or insignificant. Today, that watchful protector has a name, and her name is Karen.”   

The announcement was met with mixed reactions and fierce debate. Some Karens have celebrated the news as a huge step forward for Karen representation and human rights. Other Karens took issue with the cover photo and demanded to speak to the manager of Time Magazine. Some have questioned Time choosing Karen in 2020 after already choosing Greta Thunberg last year, who is kind of like a “climate Karen.”  

Karen will be joining Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bill Anders, and Hitler as one of the most important and newsworthy people of the last 100 years. Donald Trump supporters, outraged by Time’s snub of the president, wrote letters to the editor and threatened to call the police. 


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